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A Dream Manifested: My First Experience at Electric Forest Rave Blog

A Dream Manifested: My First Experience at Electric Forest

electric forest music festival freedom rave wear meetup

It's surreal, finally living a dream you've nurtured for years. Electric Forest has always been that for me - a vibrant festival that embodies art, music, and community, nestled amidst the serenity of the forest. This past weekend, I had my first taste of it and it was every bit as magical as I'd imagined.

Our journey started on a Wednesday. My friends and I had been fortunate enough to secure a spot in the Higher Love section, a more luxurious area in the general admission camping. We quickly pitched our tents, transforming our designated patch of grass into a makeshift home for the coming days. That first day we spent our time getting to know our camp neighbors, newcomers like us who also had no idea what the experience had in store. A day filled with bonding, laughter, and a couple of card games later, our friendship was solidified.

As Thursday dawned, the real adventure began. The thrill was palpable as we entered the festival grounds, eager to soak in all that Electric Forest had to offer. Our first musical experience was a set by Eazybaked, an ethereal performance that was the perfect initiation into our weekend of revelry.

Among the many highlights of the day was our meetup with the FRW family, hosted by Netty (nettyraves) and me. Despite a minor hiccup with the location, we managed to gather a lively crowd of fellow FRW wearers for a heartwarming group photo. The day was made even more special by a photoshoot with Courtney (cozzamedia) for the new FRW collection, Santorini.

The next couple of days saw us immersed in the magic of the festival. We danced, we laughed, we lived the dream. One of my favorite experiences was participating in one of the festival's side quests – solving riddles that led us on a mystical journey through the forest. I also had the chance to explore the Dream Emporium, a treasure trove of secret rooms and activities that added to the mystique of the festival.

Saturday was a day of solitary exploration, crowned by electrifying sets from Zeds Dead and Chris Lake. There's something to be said about experiencing the forest by yourself, your senses heightened by the absence of familiar company.

Sunday morning greeted us with a tempestuous rainstorm, leading to a temporary shutdown of the festival. Drenched but undeterred, I powered through the rest of the day in sweats, the joy of the festival stronger than the discomfort. As Sunday night rolled in, we decided to trade our tents for the comfort of a hotel room.

The rearranged schedule post-storm meant I got to witness two of my most anticipated sets, Apashe with his live brass orchestra, and REZZ, my all-time favorite DJ. This particular REZZ performance was extraordinary, easily amongst the top twenty I've witnessed so far. Along with Chris Lake, these three artists defined the pinnacle of my Electric Forest experience.

As I reflect on my time at Electric Forest, it's the people and the infinite array of experiences that stand out the most. The festival offered an enchanting mix of music, art, and interaction, all framed by the undeniable charm of the forest. Yes, there was a lot of walking, but every step was worth the memories created.

Electric Forest, you are indeed a magical realm, a haven that captures hearts and fuels the spirit. As I type this, I can't help but miss the laughter, the music, the trees, and most importantly, the people. But the yearning is a sweet one, for I know that the forest awaits my return next year. Till then, Electric Forest, keep the magic alive. 🌲❤️

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