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Why You Should Walk to EDC (And How to Do It)

If you’re reading this, I assume you are one of the lucky ones with a ticket to this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. With June fast approaching, planners are locking in room and transportation and procrastinators won’t be far behind, but before you book that fancy hotel on the strip, consider this — walking to EDC is the absolutebest way to get to and from the festival.

Consider this quick history of my EDC travel experience:

2012: The year we rented a house off the strip (sick!), drove to EDC and sat in hours of traffic each way (not sick).

2013: The year we stayed on the strip, didn’t learn our lesson and spent 3 or so hours getting out of that parking lot…again.

2014: The year we tried the shuttle. Had to be better, right? WRONG.

2015: The year we walked to EDC and found that sometimes it’s the 4th, not 3rd time, that’s the charm.


Why Walk to EDC?

Part of the beauty of Electric Daisy Carnival is the sheer number of people who come out for good vibes and good music. The problem occurs when that massive amount of people has to leave all at once. Driving sucks for obvious reasons — way too many people trying to funnel out of one place at once. To combat this, shuttles run an unconventional route; however, this makes their journey just as long as the car. You still have to fight the shuttle lines as well.

There is a viable alternative to the 12-mile, hours long trip back to the strip and it comes in the form of a leisurely 1.2 mile or so walk. I will not pretend this walk is short; it will feel long and hot, but I can say that of all the EDC modes of transportation (minus a helicopter), it’s hands down the best option.

How to Walk to EDC

Step 1: Get over staying on the strip. If you EDC correctly you will have no time to do anything during the day except sleep and refuel before the next night. There is no need to be on the strip — this weekend, the action is at the speedway.

Step 2: Pick a hotel as close to the Speedway as possible. There’s a Super 8, La Quinta Inn and Howard Johnson very close by (classy, I know.) Remember, the only things you need in your EDC room are a bed and air conditioner

Step 3: Grab a road drink and walk to EDC. Despite what Google says, the Speedway is about 1.2 miles from the nearest hotels. Ask the front desk for directions and follow the other people walking along Las Vegas Boulevard. There was a free pedestrian shuttle available in 2015, fingers crossed we’ll see it again this year and cut the trip short.

Step 4: Remember how to get home. Having a clear route back the way you came is crucial to walk successfully to and from EDC. We may or may not have taken an unexpected, hour-long detour last year because no one paid attention the way there. And although that trip was still light years ahead of driving or the EDC shuttles, I don’t care to repeat it again.

Written by: Desiree Roughton- Writer and Rhythm Chaser

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