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EDC Outfit Ideas: How to Slay Everyone’s Fav Electronic Carnival

EDC Las Vegas 2022 is shaping up to be UN👏 FOR 👏  GET 👏  ABLE!!!

While the line up for the weekend-long rave hasn’t been released yet, we hope to see some of our fav DJs including Malaa, Dom Dolla, Sidepiece, and Tiesto. 

EDC Las Vegas always comes through with the best of the best, and you’ll want to have a sickening rave wardrobe ready to go. In fact, you’ll probably want an entire backup wardrobe ready for reveals and costume changes as well. AMIRIGHT?!

To help you plan your lewks (and costume changes) here are our top EDC outfit ideas. 

Trip Out In our Curiouser Collection

EDC Outfit Ideas 2022: Freedom Rave Wear's Curiouser Collection

Go ahead. Follow the white rabbit. He’ll lead you to our totally trippyCuriouser collection. This line of rave bodysuits, bikinis, and Brazilian bottoms was inspired by Lewis Carroll’s beloved and bewildering children’s book. It features three distinct prints, each one bolder than the last. Finish your lewk with matchingarm sleeves,festival scarves, and these adorablemushroom earrings.

Join the Bling Ring

EDC Outfit Ideas 2022: Freedom Rave Wear's Bling Bling Collection

OPULENCE!!! YOU - OWN - EVERYTHING!!! Or at least you’ll feel that way in ourBling Bling collection. Generally, our rave outfits should make you feel sexy and sublime. But this collection will also have you feelin’ like a rich bitch. We particularly love the juxtaposition of the diamond print against the black sheer fabric, snap buckles, and lace. NYASSSS!!!*loud whistles, claps, and other obnoxious noises of approval*

Release the Twins!

Pasties don’t constitute an ‘EDC outfit idea’.” you say?! Well we’re suggesting them anyway. Sue us! Personally, we love giving the world a taste of ourcoconuts. And what better time to do so than EDC? Our line of pasties ranges from stars and hearts all the way to more unique designs like mushrooms and butterflies. Drink ‘em up, Hun! 

Bombin' Bodysuits

EDC Outfit Ideas 2022: Freedom Rave Wear's Duality 2.0 Bodysuit

Every raver worth her salt needs at leastone twenty-one bodysuits in her overpacked suitcase.Bodysuits are fundamental to Freedom Rave Wear’s entire clothing line and we have a slew of sickening styles to choose from. But for EDC we highly recommend accessorizing the cuss out of ‘em. Fishnets,chains, and sleeves will take your fav bodysuit to the next level…and EDC is all about reaching the next level, if ya know what we mean.😝

Lookin’ for More EDC Outfit Ideas?

EDC is like Christmas for us at Freedom Rave Wear. We’ve gone more times than we can remember—no seriously, we actually can’t remember😵‍💫. 

As bonafide EDC veterans we know the importance of having a full rave wardrobe ready for the weekend-long Carnival. That’s why you shouldjump over to our online store andshop all of our collections. If you’re looking for one piece or ten, we have tons of sexy and sustainable rave outfits to choose from.

See you on the dance floor!!!

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