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Get the Flair in Your Hair: Ideas for EDM Outfit Hair Styles

Let's be real; half the fun of a rave is getting your EDM outfits ready beforehand. For many of us, putting on a neon rave outfit is like turning into our super-sexy alter ego. Rave gear is a way to transform ourselves for just one day. Of course, with a bit of attention to your hair, you can take this transformation even further. Even if you don't have tons of cash to drop on the latest festival fashion, your hair is always there and just waiting for extra styling. This blog will cover everything you wanted to know about rave hair but were too busy raving to ask. 

The Style 

Style? Go for whatever style you want! Your hair ideas will be just as awesome as your outfit ideas. If you're new to raving, you'll want some specifics so you can easily blend in as a pro at your first few raves or festival events. We get you. We also got you with some recommendations of where to start.


We're not sure why braids became synonymous with raves. Maybe because they're a hairstyle that worked perfectly for groovy hippies as well as 90s rebels. It could also be because it's a simple hairstyle, but one with tons of potential and variations behind it. You can go for thevenerable French braid or its slightly trickier counterpart in the Dutch braid. For can also adapt the Dutch braids intoboxer braids, another style that's found plenty of love as part of EDM outfits. Oh, and if you get good at Dutch braids, you absolutely got to try out someupdos

The Dutch variations tend to be seen as more "fancy" and complex, but don't be afraid to go simple with French your first time. There are many secret little ways to make even the most basic braids exciting. By using an elastic and slightly tugging out the hair to "puff" it up, you can make your own "big hair creation”. Gworl, get creativeee. Add in some metal rings, beads or weave in some metallic tinsel through braids is also a great way to add some pazazz!


The dance floor don't want none unless you've got buns, hun. Nah, but for real you can rock any hairstyle you like. But buns are just as much fun as braids, trust us. Any kind of bun will get your hair neatly out of the way so you can headbang all you like.

However, if there's one bun to rule them all regarding raves, it's undoubtedly thespace buns. (Are they called space buns because of Princess Leia? Or cuz they're just out of this world?) For whatever reason, they've become staples of rave fashion - give them a shot as part of your next festival outfit. 


What? Isn't a ponytail a little more basic than what we've covered? Well, everyone has to start somewhere. Plus, there are a lot of ways to easily spice up the good old-fashioned ponytail. You can try to go for the "Short and Funky" look, of course. But if you're looking for another one of those "rave staples" for festival wear, you absolutely got to take a crack at aBubble Ponytail


Rave clothes are all about being outrageous. And what can be more outrageous than some crazy colors? What's best of all is if you can match your new neon hair color to your neon rave outfit. You'll bring it all together into a truly unforgettable EDM outfit.

Doing a dye job just for a single rave seems like a little too much work - but it doesn't have to be. Our advice is that unless you're doing a whole makeover, you can skip the permanent and semi-permanent options.

What does that leave you with? Well, one of the best ways is actually withcolor depositing shampoo. Get some of this ready in the morning, and you should be good to go! You can also find tons of temporary life hacks for short-term dye jobs, such as the out-thereKool-aid trick. 


All that glitters isn't gold, but it certainly looks incredible in your hair. Glitter is about as essential a rave accessory as you can get. You're not wearing booty shorts and a crop top to be inconspicuous, after all. 

One of the best ways to get glitter to stick is by incorporating it into your hair prep routine. You can actually mix your glitter directly into your hair gel. If you're not into the hair gel feeling, you can also pair glitter and hairspray. Just spray your hair, then immediately apply the glitter - and BOOM, you're a shining star! Our recommendation is to always bring extra glitter, just in case you need a quick glow-up.

Mix and Match

One of the unspoken aspects of festival hair is, of course, to make sure that it suits the outfit in color and style. Got a glowingtank top as part of a neon rave outfit? Maybe look into making your hairglow! Going for a 90s-style bodysuit? Then make sure you get big hair to give a cyber-goth vibe. 

In the end, it will just take some experimentation to find which hairstyles and colors you love to match with which of your EDM outfits. If you need more inspiration and options, make sure to always keep a glitter-makeup eye on ournew arrivals. No matter your hairstyle, we have rave outfits for everyone - don't miss out on ourplus-size rave clothing collections either! 

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