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Fashion and Beauty Tips for Surviving a Rainy Festival

By Kelsey Glass

When buying festival outfits, we hardly ever consider the weather predicament. Why? Because we want to look hot! As I’m looking for outfits, I’m picturing myself dancing under a partly-cloudy sky, 75-degree weather, and a beer in hand. It’s only until you check the weather a few days before that you realize you might have some readjusting to do. While it’s a bummer to see rainy days in the forecast, have no fear! We promise you can still look 10/10, even under bad circumstances. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep you cute, comfortable, and prepared!

  1. Ditch the poncho -- get a rain jacket. Let’s face one likes wearing a poncho. They’re stiff, impractical and definitely not stylish! Instead, try opting in for a cute, lightweight rain jacket (preferably with a hood). You’ll have a better selection of colors and styles, and it’ll be easy to roll it up in a bigger fanny pack or Camelbak. We recommend sites like Asos, Forever21, and of course the very trusty Amazon. 
  2. Grab yourself an ankle boot. If you’re like me, I try to avoid rain boots when I can. They’re handy to have, but it’s tough to find a cute pair, especially last minute. A good alternative to rain boots is finding a lace-up ankle boot (psst..we have some)! The tight fit around the ankle will keep the rain from getting in the shoe, and materials like leather, rubber, and nylon won’t get ruined. If you’re anticipating lots of mud and still worried about damaging the shoes, stock up on thesewaterproof shoe covers
  3. Wear a swimsuit. Sounds pretty self-explanatory right? I’ve been to a few festivals where days before, I knew it was going to be a bad situation. And then I thought to myself, efffffff it. If you can’t beat the rain, be one with it! A lot of one-pieces can double as bodysuits, and you can also find cute two-piece suits that double as a set. This way if it rains, you’ll be wet -- but at least you won’t be soggy. 
  4. Throw your hair up. In case it rains, I almost always put my hair up for festivals. If your hair is anything like mine, it frizzes up the moment it touches water. Even with the slightest drizzle, you can kiss my straight or curled hair goodbye! Try putting your hair in dutch braids, space buns, etc. While you can’t fully prevent it from getting wet, at least it’ll stay in place better than it would if it were down. 
  5. Bring a small washcloth. One of my friends recommended this to me and it baffled me that I hadn’t thought of it before. Fold up a small hand cloth and tuck it into your Camelbak. When the rain stops, rub it all over yourself and voila! You’re dry. 

And there you have it! What hacks do you have for staying dry this festival season? Tweet us and let us know, or leave a comment below! 

- Kelsey

Wow, this was actually SUPER helpful! Would have never thought if the train jacket or wash cloth! Great read!

- Carolyn

All great tips! I’ve been looking for an article about rainy rave fashion forever and this has answered my prayers! Thank you! 😊💗

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