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Who's Ready to Get Prehistoric at Lost Lands 2018?

by Loana McCabe-Gould

Just after the successful launch of Bass Canyon, Excision is busy again with another one of his successful festivals. The second Lost Lands is happening in a week, who’s going? If you like bass music, Excision, and dinosaurs, this is a festival you don’t want to miss! (I personally love dinosaurs so this is on my bucket list). Here’s a look into this year’s Lost Lands, and also some outfit ideas including one based on the new Prehistoric Collection!

Date/ Location

Lost Lands will be happening at September 14-16th in Thornville, OH at the Legend Valley Concert Venue.


After last year’s success, Lost Lands has officially added a second main stage to their festival! This stacked lineup is something you wouldn’t want to miss. On top of the artists that were on the Bass Canyon lineup, some other big names such as Ganja White Night, Rezz, Illenium, and Nero will be joining Excision there. PLUS you don’t want to forget the dinosaurs and 1,000,000 watts of bass!


Image from @lostlandsfestival

This year is also the first year they will be having the Sound Camps as well, and Lost Lands attendees will get a chance to party more after they get back to camp! There’s some rumors that some headliners might make an appearance at this, so this is definitely something you would not want to miss.

Image from @lostlandsfestival

Outfit Ideas

If you’re looking for last minute outfit ideas, Freedom Rave Wear has your back! Since this is a three-day festival, I thought of three different outfits, all can be purchased online on the Freedom Ravewear website!

Jurassic Babe:

Divinity Crystal Face Gems-Ebony, Jurassic V Free Bra Top, Jurassic Sequin Super-Mini Skirt,Jurassic High Waisted Brazilian Bottoms

Have you checked out Freedom Rave Wear’s new Prehistoric Collection? This collection is perfect for Lost Land’s dinosaur theme. Look sparkly and fierce at the same time with the sequin mini-skirt and the divinity crystal face gems!


Bass Babe:

Two-Piece Bondage Bra and Skirt set, Noir Mesh Sportiva Top, Jezebel V Free High Waisted Brazilian Bottoms, Black Malice Glitter/ Heart U Pasties

You can never go wrong wearing all black at a bass show or festival. Unleash your inner headbanger by taking a look at Freedom Rave Wear’s Dark and Dangerous Collection. Harnesses seem to be trending at a lot of festivals this year, so the Two-Piece Bondage Bra and Skit set will definitely be a nice touch to spice up your outfit.


Psychedelic Babe:

Acid Sky Marathon Bralette, Acid Sky V High Waisted Brazilian Bottoms, Siren Queen Sequin Assassin Rave Hood, Gaia Crystal Face Gems

Look trippy with Freedom Rave Wear’s Acid Sky Collection! The top and bottoms also double as swimwear, so this outfit is perfect if you need to cool off. The Siren Queen Sequin Assassin Rave Hood and the Gaia Crystal Face Gem will add some sparkle to your trippy outfit!

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