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Why EDM is So Versatile and Can Be Enjoyed By Everyone

By: Hanna Readman (@hannareadman)

EDM has such an impact on my life on so many different levels. It is one general genre of music, but there are so many types of EDM music, that it is easy to listen to something new every day and to match any mood I'm in. With the huge variety of artists and DJs, I can listen to whatever my heart desires on any given day. This also means there is something in this genre for everyone. From crazy headbangers with Excision to the vibes that Hippie Sabotage brings to the table to trap with RL Grime; the options are endless. Some other types of EDM music are techno, house, trance, trap, moombahton, dubstep, and more. Here are some of my favorites. 

Some of my favorite trap DJs are RL Grime, What So Not, Yultron, and Alison Wonderland. Here’s a couple of my favorite songs from these artists: 

- Era (Eptic Remix) by RL Grime

- I Wanna Know by RL Grime

- Easy (Kill Paris Remix) by Alison Wonderland

- Naked by Alison Wonderland x Slumberjack

- Lone (ft. JOY) [Slow Hours Remix] by What So Not

- Headbang n Chill by Yultron - Love Inside by Yultron 

Another type of EDM that I love is dubstep, where things can get really crazy. This is where some of my favorite headbangers come in. Some of my favorite DJs in this category are Excision, Skrillex, and NGHTMRE. Here are some of their songs: 

- Gold (Stupid Love) by Excision & Illenium

- Throwin' Elbows by Excision

- Rock n Roll by Skrillex

- Gud Vibrations by NGHTMRE

- Aftershock (Boombox Cartel VIP) by Boombox Cartel & NGHTMRE 


A couple of other artists that I love are ODESZA, Kasbo, Hippie Sabotage, Flume, Ekali, and Illenium. Here are some of my favorite songs from them; 

- Boy by ODESZA

- Falls (Reprise) [ft. Sasha Sloan] by ODESZA

- Lights Out by Hippie Sabotage

- Drifter by Hippie Sabotage

- Able to See Me by Hippie Sabotage

- Take a Chance by Flume

- Aldrig Mer by Kasbo

- World Away by Kasbo

- Leaving by Ekali

- Crashing by Illenium

- Crawl Outta Love by Illenium 


What I love about EDM is the variety in the music. I can emphasize any mood I’m feeling through what I choose to listen to. Being able to do this has been an important part of my life because I am able to go to my own world through music. Thanks to the many creative minds of EDM artists, this is an option for everyone. I believe everyone should experience EDM in some way, shape, or form, and look at the songs above to get a good start.

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- Mia Ivey

Thanks so much for the music suggestions! I really enjoyed listening to you picks!

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