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Raving All Year Round - How to Change Your Rave Outfit With the Seasons

When it comes to raving, we tend to associate raves with the warm summer months. After all, that’s the time for vacation and partying. However, there are plenty of raves and outdoor music festivals that take place all across the year.

Raving in any season sounds like a lot of fun. Of course, you can’t wear the same rave costumes through every season. Here we’ll give a very quick guide to putting together a rave outfit for every part of the year. 

Raving in the Summer

When you think of rave costumes, you’re probably thinking of the standard rave outfit for the summer. For women, these rave outfits will often be somewhat inspired by swimsuits and swimwear. This is the time for booty shorts, crop tops, and bodysuits. 

Summer rave outfits aren’t just about showing off. Making sure that you aren’t layering on too many clothes is how you make sure that you don’t overheat in the summer sun. It’s for this reason that scarves, sunglasses, and hydration packs are also must-brings for a summer rave costume. Since these raves are often outdoors, having an easy-to-remove outfit also makes bathroom breaks simple.

Raving in the Fall

Seasonal rave wear: Freedom Rave Wear's Cheeky One Piece Toxic Collection

When Fall comes around, things will get a little bit cooler if you are raving outside. Just how much colder depends on exactly where you live. Even if you’re not expecting it to be too frigid, there are some easy tricks to up your comfort.  Wearing longer socks, jackets, and hats can all keep you a bit warmer without totally changing up your rave outfit.

Fall is also the time to put together Halloween rave costumes. This is the time to get aneon rave costume for some spooky raving, think about some creative ways to theme your rave costume. Adding some animal ears, or going total-gothic to look like a vampire, are all great ways to put together a good Halloween rave costume. 

Raving in the Winter

For a winter rave, you might want to start looking for dance parties taking place inside, especially if you live somewhere with notoriously chilly weather. If you will be attending an outdoor rave, now is the time to start making fashion sacrifices in the name of not freezing your booty off. Leggings and jackets are going to be a must. You can still put together an adorable winter-themed rave outfit by throwing some toques and scarves into the mix. Moon boots, fuzzy toques and animal themed mittens are just a few ideas for cold weather raving.

Raving in the Spring

Thankfully, winter doesn’t last forever, and soon it’ll be springtime. However, in many places, spring just replaces the snow with a lot of rain. This is why it’s essential to be ready to put together a waterproof rain outfit if things start to get wet.

Thankfully, you can often just head to a rave in a swimsuit - rave wear is usually pretty close to a swimsuit for women anyways. It’s a bright idea to bring a raincoat for an extra layer. You can take it off and on if you need it. If you still want to flaunt your rave costume, then look into getting a transparent raincoat. A poncho is an excellent cheap way to protect your rave costume as well if it starts to rain. (Also, make sure to bring plastic bags for any valuables you have!) 

Get Your Rave Costume With Freedom Rave Wear

Looking to put together your next rave costume? No matter what season it is, Freedom Rave Wear has therave outfitsandaccessoriesthat you need. We also have the best collections ofplus-size rave clothing to be found online!

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