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Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat: How to EDC Without Burning Out

Freedom Rave Wear EDC Burn Out

(Cover Photo Taken by @lizzierosemedia)

If three days of raving sounds like a lot, you are damn right, it is. Pretending that partying for three days straight is nothing is not going to get you through Electric Daisy Carnival and it’s not going to make your recovery easier. There are far too many stories of people not even making it to day 3 of EDC because they went too hard the first two. Avoid this epic fail by remembering that this is a marathon, ya’ll, not a sprint.

While not at the EDC:

Forget the clubs and the gambling, we are here to rave. In my book, the trip to EDC doesn’t even count as a trip to Vegas. Invest your energy in the moments that matter most, all of which happen inside the racetrack, not on the Vegas strip. It’s very enticing to hit up a club or pool party the night or day before EDC, but passing on these extra add-ons is key to making the most of your EDC experience.

Eat something and make it at least somewhat healthy. After a long night of dancing it’s sooo tempting to fuel up with something greasy and ridiculous, but opting for something healthier makes a world of difference for your stamina level. Basically, Chipotle...I’m saying eat Chipotle and you will be partying through Monday’s dawn.

Get plenty of sleep.Anything less than 5 hours a day/night is not going to cut it. Sleeping doesn’t make you soft, it makes you smart. Give yourself time to regenerate. Again, the cool stuff happens at EDC, not during the day, so make your only daytime plans plans to recover.

While at EDC:

Take time to chill. There are air conditioned cool spots, bean bag lounges and tons of grass areas here for a reason. Take time to slow down, enjoy the moment and decompress a bit. Giving yourself a load off can be that extra bump you need to make it through the night. I think these spaces are some of the coolest things EDC has to offer and it’s shocking how few people take advantage of them.

Hydrate. This one’s a no brainer, but there’s always room for a reminder to drink more water. Vegas is hot as hell in June so you will get dehydrated by literally just standing around, let alone dancing and running around a giant speedway.

When in doubt, eat, sleep, rave, repeat. Live this mantra, keep your eye on the prize and you will make it through Electric Daisy Carnival like a pro. Who’s ready?

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