Recycled Materials

Festival Fashion

Over 50% of FRW's products are made on recycled material. Our sustainability efforts are providing the festival fashion industry with a much needed transition away from fast fashion and wasteful manufacturing. The FRW Lifetime warranty is also part of our commitment to making quality products that last for our festival loving customers.

Laser Precision

6 figure investments in laser cutting technology ensures that each and every cut piece fits exactly the same. The result is increased yield and reduced waste.


The future of sustainable manufacturing is local. We never believed in the fast fashion model and adopted the "microfactory method." This enables us to make awesome products locally, while still being able to compete with larger brands that do things the old way.


Our Mission

Make exceptional products that enable expression and help our customers build confidence so they can always love themselves and create community.

Natural Fibers

Now for all the good we are currently doing, we still don't have natural fibers in the mix. We need $75,000 to make the next machine investment that can support dyeing natural fibers. COVID budget cuts and festivals getting banned for the last year delayed our plans until 2022.

Sustainable Character

Sustainability isn't just about the products a brand makes. The individuals that make up our festival community are very important. The FRW fam is smart, driven, and won't let anything stop them from having a good time. It's important that we inspire those around us to be their best. Because when individuals are at their best, they have the power to create a better future.

OEKO Certified Inks

Our unique direct printing system is part of a new generation of polyester sublimation printing in the fashion industry. This system optimizes excellent color reproducibility of water based & non toxic ink, reduces paper costs and wastage, and increases productivity.

A Smaller CO2 Footprint
Carbon Offsets

We love shopping — But it’s a huge contributor to climate change. Everyday in the U.S. alone, online orders travel about the same distance as going to the moon and back ...133,000 times. Make a positive change and choose to offset your carbon emissions at checkout!