Freedom Rave Wear

Sustainable business practices underline every decision made at FRW. Our commitment to stateside manufacturing comes from a desire to not only have a deep understanding and control of our supply chain, but we also strive to construct a transparent supply chain that works to support and respect our natural world. We operate our business with a triple bottom mindset. This means we provide equal consideration for People, Planet, and Profit. Our goal is balanced with respect for our natural environment to be sure our production does no harm.

Our Green Initiatives

The future of apparel manufacturing is local and on demand.

Recycled Fabric

Over 90% of the items we produce are made from recycled fabric.


We design, print, cut, sew, and ship from one location.

On Demand

We respond to product demand in real time.

Sustainability FAQs

Fast fashion uses cheap labor and materials combined with overproduction to produce the lowest unit cost possible. This works great as a business model for the companies that work this way, but it leaves an environmental mess, pays workers poorly, and generally provides low quality products that don't last.

At FRW we have never made our products that way. We made our own factory in San Diego, CA so we could control every step of the process and bring the festival fashion market quality sustainable products that are made the right way.

A microfactory is a vertically integrated facility that takes once separate production processes like printing and sewing, and brings them closer together. This type of production layout can produce up to 80% less waste compared to traditional fast fashion supply chains.

Yes, we take scraps and turn them into scrunchies, low waist bikini bottoms, headbands and more!

Natural fibers aren't always better for the environment. Did you know one pair of jeans can take up to 70 gallons of water to produce? Instead, we focus on giving waste a second life through fabric made from recycled water bottles. We also focus on our process efficiencies and sustainable energy to reduce waste and our overall CO2 footprint.

Our Sustainable Tech

 Freedom Rave Wear

Laser Cutter

Using advanced algorithms we optimize fabric yield and reduce waste with every order.

 Freedom Rave Wear

Dye Sublimation Printer

We use recycled clay infused paper and water based inks for quality and efficiency.

 Freedom Rave Wear

Heat Press

Powered by Ecochoice renewable energy from San Diego Gas & Electric.