Lifetime Warranty FAQ's

Ditching fast fashion starts with a lifetime warranty!

Our goal is to provide a product that is so well made, it lasts for 100's of uses. You see when we shop for fabric, "we never start with what's the cheapest?" Instead, we start with what's the best quality?

Why does building something with quality threads matter?

Relationships are everything. We want you to come back, that is why quality matters. Everytime we hear a customer say they got a bad deal elsewhere, we say "you've come to the right place." Our customers love our products and service because we are open and upfront about our process and go above and beyond to ensure satisfaction.

Does a better sewing machine really make a difference? 

Yes. The machines we use are top of the line, the stitches are consistent, and tension is perfectly applied. We guarantee our clothes will last through all your activities. Period.

What happens if there is a manufacturing defect with my clothes?

If it has been less than 30 days, just start a return and we will get it repaired or replaced free of charge. If something happens after the initial 30 days, shoot us an email with a photo and description to and we will let you know the best route to take. Depending on the issue, we may have you send the item back or we will ship you a new one. Satisfaction guaranteed.