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Chain Reaction Harness - Freedom Rave Wear - Body Chains
Chain Reaction Harness - Freedom Rave Wear - Body Chains
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Take your festival fit to the next level with the Chain Reaction Harness! This rave harness is the perfect accessory for your next party, with its edgy chains and leather style. Stand out from the crowd! An accessory that'll get you noticed - without saying a word!

Product Details:

  • Strappy Material
  • Lightweight Chain Detailing
  • Waist: 100-150 cm (40-60 inches)
  • Neck: 38 cm - 48 cm (15 inches - 19 inches)
  • Bust: 110 cm-160 cm (43 inches -63 inches)
  • Adjustable Sizing
  • Made in China
  • Final Sale
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