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Get Psyched for Summer with Freedom Rave Wear's Steamy Summer Collections

I highly recommend you bump these jams while you read this post.  

It's summer at Freedom Rave Wear! 

Well, it's actually only April. We unfortunately don't get to decide when summer starts. But for all intents and purposes, it's summer at Freedom Rave Wear!

We're sOoOoOoO excited for summer, and we're ringing in the MVP of seasons with three new gorgeous collections.



Our StephXOHaven collection, which dropped a couple weeks ago, has already made huge waves.  Steph and Chrissy (@chrissyyawnick) first debuted the bright hibiscus Tropical Princess pattern and punchy Coral Reef at EDC Mexico 2018 and received an outrageous response. 

Sooo...yeah the decision to release a full line was kind of a no-brainer. With the help of the Booty Queen herself, lead designer Alyssa Erickson did her witchcraft and designed a line of Freedom Rave Wear's favorite signature styles, like the Baelien Sleeves, Extra Mile Bralette, and High-Waisted Brazilian Bottoms. She also designed a brand new, extra supportive style of top, the Sportiva Top (left), inspired by the classic sports bra. After a precarious photoshoot at La Jolla Cove which resulted in some mild injuries, the StephXOHaven collection dropped on April 16th. This versatile collection works great as swimwear, surfwear, and activewear for all your summertime activities!
















 Tulum Dreamin' 

The Tulum' Dreamin Collection had a long period of build-up before it was finally released. The neon pink, purple, and aqua blue was first seen on lead designer/brilliant freak Alyssa Erickson herself at EDC Mexico 2018. 

After the initial test run, the next test subjects were Steph and Lilly (@lilly_enright) at Ultra Miami 2018. 

The collection was finally released on April 25th. 

Inspired by the gorgeous and awe-inspiring vacation destination Tulum, Mexico, the Tulum Dreamin' is the first "true" crossover collection. Designed with the intent to break into sportswear, the sports bra-style V Free Bra Top (left) made its debut. This top, with its racerback and elastic band, is a perfect rave top option for girls who prefer extra support for heavy dancing at festivals. Though most Freedom Rave Wear apparel crosses over seamlessly into swimwear, the spandex/nylon blend Tulum fabric is perfectly reminiscent of your favorite bikini and begs to be taken for a dip.

Around the same time the Tulum Dreamin' collection was released, Freedom Rave Wear stocked tons of new styles of colorful face gems. If you want to sparkle in the summer sun like a human disco ball, I definitely recommend swiping a few sets of these stunning stick-on jewels. At only $5-7 a pop, this is the best deal you'll get on face gems.




Goddess Collection 


The Goddess Collection has been shrouded in mystery since Alyssa took it for a spin at EDC Mexico 2018. People were obsessed with the long, loin-cloth style sequin skirt. This whole collection looks like it was dipped in gold and laid out to dry in the Grecian sun. It will make you feel like a divine deity. Because, I mean, aren't you? 

This collection is designed to empower women and inspire confidence in anyone who wears it. Because EVERY girl deserves to feel like 2017 Grammys Beyonce

Still don't believe that Freedom Rave Wear is the place you need to stop for your summer festival needs? Maybe if we can't convince you, our homegirl Natalie Gibson can. 



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