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Members Only Black Friday Sale

Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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The Valentine's Day Event That Will Melt Your Heart and Get Your Head Bangin'

Couples who rave together, stay together. So why not celebrate with your Rave Babe at a Music festival? There is the perfect event for you and babe right around the lovey-dovey holiday.

That event is insomniacs CRUSH. This event takes place in a few locations:


Arizona(Rawhide Event Center): 15th, 16th

Dallas(South Side Ballroom): 16th

San Fransisco(Bill Graham Civic): 9th

SoCal(NOS Center): 16th

Denver(Fillmore Auditorium): 9th



How great is that? You have so many options to choose from depending on your geographic location and schedule. Although this is a smaller event the line up is still stacked! Artists like Getter, Dombresky, Showtek, and Whipped Cream. Every location has a different lineup, so you can also decide based on the artists playing. IF you don’t have a rave babe yet, just feeling the love with your rave fam is great too! Or maybe you will meet your special person at the event! Tickets are still pretty cheap, so if you act now… you won’t break the bank! For the So Cal, Arizona, and San Fransisco locations, you can even buy your tickets in a couple bundle to save even more! All locations are 18 and up and doors open at 6 pm. The event ends at 2 am, so you have a full 8 hours of raging!                       

NOW….what do you wear?? Well if you are trying to do a full send and match with bae, we got you covered! Here at FRW we have matching sets for both you and your partner. 

The first one is Acid Sky. This collection has many different variations for men and women. The coolest thing about it is that it is black light reactive! For men, there are a few tank and t-shirt variations. For women, there are one pieces, a few different two-piece sets, and skirts. Or if you want to just have a subtle match, we have headbands and leg ties as well. Match your rave babe and stand out with an out of this world pattern!                                                                                                                       


The next is Havana. If you want to channel that island fever, this pattern is the one for you! A perfect blend of blue and peach in a fun palm design. The fabric is lightweight and water friendly. So, ladies, you can reuse this cute rave costume as a bikini too! Some of the tops are even reversible, so you get two in one. How fun is that?? Dance the night away and get all those cute pics with babe in the Havana-OO-Na-Na collection;)






Vapor just dropped, and it is fierce. This fabric is also black light reactive and is sure to turn heads. This is a cosmic clash of orange and purple and of course includes GLITTER SKIRTS! This is a badass look for any rave couple. It also includes fun many possibilities to style this collection! Who knew purple and orange could look so AMAZBALLZ together...FRW sure did;) 







Lyssa is working hard on a new mini collection just for Valentine’s Day! It will include styles for both men and women. So get PUMPED because it will be released at the end of January, and in enough time to get it for CRUSH!  

Alright so now that you have an idea of CRUSH, you know your mission. 



Hit up your rave babe and rave fam. Pick a location to go to and decide what outfit to get with your babe! Celebrate your love in style and headbang the night away. See you love birds there!









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