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Top 4 Reasons You’re Going to Love Crush Arizona

Crush AZ

Crush Az 
We’re coming for you Chandler! Crush  Arizona is happening this weekend and we  can’t wait to celebrate Valentine’s Day at  this awesome festival for the 2nd year in a  row. Whether you’ve got your tickets on  lock or need alittle bit of convincing on  just how much you need to be there, here  are a few reasons this is one festival you  can’t help but love:

1) DVBBS is playing.

If you’re over “Eat, Sleep Rave, Repeat” as your crew’s rave anthem, trythis one on for size:


We were young.

We were dumb.

We would do it all again.

We will never sleep.

We will stay up with our friends.


Sound about right? I think so too.DVBBS are two dudes embodying two words — high energy. I’ve seen them spin at some of my lowest energy rave moments. I’m talking 5 a.m. day 3 of EDC 2015 and mid-day in Ensenada during Groove Cruise LA 2016. No matter my mood these two always get me to jump. They have solid lyrics backed by intense beats that get every crowd going, which is exactly why they are Crush Arizona’s can’t miss act.



2) Totems are allowed.

Any rave is an excuse for a new outfit and a new totem to match. Insomniac is one of the only event companies to embrace totems (reason 3289218 we love them so much), so get your creative juices flowing and have some thematic fun by giving your totem design some love. Just remember these guidelines so your crafty handy work makes it into the festival with you:


  • No more than 10 feet tall ( I suggest it be a lot less if you don’t want to get sick of carrying it around)

  • Made from lightweight material (foam noodles, hollow aluminum collapsible telescoping extenders: yes; PVC/metal poles: no)

  • Poles can be no thicker than 1 inch in diameter (*cue girth jokes*—I’m laughing too)

  • Any attached inflatables must remain deflated until you get inside

For you competitive is a list of the Best Totems of EDC 2016. 

3) We all LOVE love.


The commercialization and pressure of Valentine’s might not be your style, but who can resist a little love? Crush Arizona is the spot for simply enjoy friendships as much as it is for celebrating couples raving together staying together. It’s the no-pressure zone to celebrate V-Day in whatever way you choose, taking the standard lovey and inclusive festival feeling to a new level. It’s the season of love, after all.



4) FRW Vendor Booth.

Freedom Rave Wear started its Festival Tour in AZ Rave Fam territory back in 2015. We are always excited to get back to our festival roots and show all our original supporters what we have been working on. Here is a teaser for the upcoming 2017 Solstice Collection. 

Tickets are still on sale. See you there?

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