Meet Our Team 💜

Alyssa Erickson


I fell in LOVE with the rave. Live for my family, the biz, and adventure.

Michael Hodgen


Professional chat gpt'er and goof

Maureen Bole

Graphic Designer

Megan Allen

Marketing Manager

Jade Roman

Assistant Production Manager

Mark Hodgen

Chief Technical Officer

Sidney Giles

Photographer & Customer Support

Enrique Alvarez

Production Manager

Jose Caballero

Sewing Machine Operator

Maricruz Perez

Sewing Machine Operator

Chris Erickson-Bozicevich

Fulfillment Manager

Noah Johnson

Laser Cutter Operator

Angel Perez

Print & Heat Press Manager

Macy Waters

Content Creator

Silver Sanchez

Graphic Designer & Laser Cutter Operator

Megan Grace

Production Assistant

Celia Jimenez

Sewing Machine Operator

Eva Lopez Garcia

Sewing Machine Operator

Liliana Martinez

Sewing Machine Operator