Get ready to feel the love and the beat! Meet the power couple behind Freedom Rave Wear: Alyssa and Mike. These two lovebirds attended their first music festival together in 2014 and immediately fell head over heels for the electrifying vibe.

As a married couple and co-founders of FRW, they've spent the last 8 years dedicating their time and effort into creating a festival fashion brand that truly stands out. Their passion for creativity and love for the rave scene have inspired them to design unique and colorful clothing that embodies the spirit of freedom and self-expression.

Whether you're looking for bold and daring outfits or something that sparkles and shines, Alyssa and Mike have got you covered. So come join the FRW family and experience the ultimate festival fashion that will make you feel like the star of the show!

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Mission Statement

Enable authentic people.

Our Philosophy


Practice self expression daily


Grow your confidence over time


Love yourself and be curious


Provide value to your community

Vision Statement

Accelerate sustainable apparel manufacturing.

FAQs for the Founders

We both love Zeds Dead, Seven Lions, James Hype, and Malaa!

That is tough. We did over 50 festivals in 2 years when we started FRW. Setting up vendor booths at all those shows was a blast (and exhausting). We got engaged during a Seven Lions set at EDC in 2017, so that makes the list. EDC 2021 was also incredible, Insomniac keeps making EDC better each year.

When we started we just wanted to make enough sales to help cover the cost of going to more shows. We were head over heels for festivals and needed to go to them all. Our ambitions changed over time as we realized we were actually pretty good at serving customers. We coupled that skillset with a vision for a more sustainable future and that is Freedom Rave Wear today.

For the first 3 years everything was made by Alyssa. Mike would help with little things but all the sewing was Alyssa. We tried having outside manufacturing and the quality just wasn't good enough. So we eventually hired help and to this day we still make everything FRW in San Diego, CA.

Make sure that success is at least a remote possibility. Ensure you have the burning desire to wake up everyday obsessed about your business. Then go for it. Don't listen to others, it's not their job to support or believe you. You support you. You believe in you, the rest will fall into place.