Get to Know Us

We started FRW with the goal of making enough money to pay for our festival tickets. Turns out, festivals can be quite the motivator. 6 years later quite a lot has changed. We moved from the one bedroom apartment it all started in, to our own HQ in San Diego. We added team members and grew our community worldwide. However, our commitment to customer service and product development has been the same since day one.

When you shop with FRW you are getting the benefits of 6 years of innovative business development. We have committed oursleves to producing apparel in the most sustainable ways available to us. We have a long way to go, but the more you shop with FRW, the more we can continue to invest in greener manufacturing processes.

One of the awesome new features FRW got in 2020 was a laser cutter. Yup, Luke Skywalker Jedi vibes slice your clothes at FRW. It's good for the environment and delivers consistency that most other brands can't even come close to.

Our Mission

To promote confidence, acceptance, and inclusivity through unique clothing, while leading the way for sustainable manufacturing.

Our Merit

Manufacturing and digital marketing experts. Our team knows how to deliver quality fast. We are constantly working to improve and make a positive impact.

Our Promise

We promise to support your self-expression by providing versatile and bold clothing designed to free the inner you! We commit to sewing confidence and quality into every item we create. We show love openly and in abundance to promote unity across the world. We build an international community by supporting sustainable business practices.

Our Community

A worldwide community of confidently unleashed individuals outfitted in comfortable and vibrant clothing, supporting a sustainable future.