About Us

The Founders

In 2014, cofounders Alyssa and Mike attended their first music festival together and fell in love with the energy and people. Over the past 7 years FRW has become known for a commitment to the best quality in festival fashion. The lifetime warranty, unique styles and amazing community set FRW apart in the festival fashion scene.

The Team

FRW is a family business with 3 generations working together under one roof. Our sewing machine operators Jose and Maricruz are husband and wife and have been with us for years. Even though the rest of the team doesn't live together, we are all family working to ensure our customers are always satisfied and looking amazing at their shows!

FRW's Core Values

Expression | Confidence | Love | Community

Rewards Program

FRW has grown by word of mouth over the years. Our reputation for quality and service has been shared by the festival community. The FRW Ambassador Rewards Program provides awesome perks for letting your friends know about FRW while keeping you connected to other like-minded festival goers.

Vision for the Future


FRW minimizes environmental impact by embracing technology to increase efficiency which results in 30% less carbon emissions when compared to fast fashion brands. That means, from design to production, it's all done under one roof in San Diego. We pay a living wage to all our employees and believe in the power of producing products locally to strengthen the overall economy. It's good business and better for the planet.

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