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Holiday Rave Festival Lineup

Just because 2021 is coming to an end doesn’t mean the rave festivals are. Let FRW help you ring in the New Year in style alongside your favorite EDM artists.

Mon, Dec 27, 21

How to Rave Safe this Winter

Raves do not stop just because the weather gets chilly in the winter. If you’re heading out to a music festival this winter make sure to be prepared and safe!

Fri, Dec 24, 21

The History of Raves

Raves have been around for 40 years and are constantly evolving and growing. What was the history of a rave compared to where the rave culture is now?

Mon, Dec 20, 21

How to Be Low Impact at Raves

Choosing green festivals, carpooling with friends and bringing a reusable water bottle are a few ways to be a low-impact festival attendee. Rave on without worrying about the harm you’re...

Fri, Nov 26, 21

Freedom from Fast Fashion

Keeping sustainable is one of Freedom Rave Wear's key pillars. Clothing manufacturing can cause irreversible damage to the planet but FRW is taking responsibility and doing things differently.

Fri, Nov 19, 21

Festival Season 2021 🎉

The wait is almost over… 2021 festival season is just around the corner and we're here to give you all the details you need about your next rave!  Ubbi Dubbi...

Fri, Apr 09, 21