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Dance Floor Etiquette for Ravers Rave Blog

Dance Floor Etiquette for Ravers

Don’t get us wrong, some of our best memories have been made on the dance floor. However, clubs, festival grounds, and other places that you rave can tend to be crowded, loud, and full of energetic people . A little bit of dance floor etiquette can go a long way towards keeping everything chill.

Why Dance Floor Etiquette Matters

Very few people intentionally set out to be jerks at a rave, club, or music festival. We all like to assume that we’re the heroes of the night, the cool person that everyone loves to hang out with. Who needs specific rules and etiquette when you have good intentions?

The thing is, the best raves will get intense emotionally. Not that we’re judging, but you may be, at least in part, under the influence of something. Even if that something is just good vibes, your “rave-self” is going to be a less inhibited version of your “regular self”.

And you know what? That’s okay. Raves should be about expressing yourself. If you keep a set of dance floor etiquette rules in mind, however, you can make sure that you don’t ruin anyone else’s fun. With that said, here are some tips for making sure everyone has fun partying with you. 

Understand The Territory 

What is considered “polite” will differ depending on what country you’re in. The same goes for dance floor etiquette. What is considered acceptable behavior will be very different depending on if you’re at a club, a rave, or a music festival. If you aren’t certain about where to start, you’ll want to head to a well-known music festival. These will tend to have a chill and safe vibe. They will be popular and crowded. Paying attention to your surroundings will matter. No matter what kind of rave you're going to, always try to come with a friend. They’ll give you feedback on your rave attire, watch your back, and tell you if you’re getting out of hand. 

Prepare Properly

Etiquette is about taking the time to think about others. Respect is a big part of rave culture and etiquette is how you demonstrate your respect. This doesn’t just mean thinking about others once you arrive, etiquette should be proactive as well. You can make a rave much more enjoyable for everyone by preparing in advance. Some good preparation tips involve:

Don’t Bring Inappropriate Items: Exactly what is “appropriate” depends on the kind of rave. If you’re going to a major music festival, it’s probably not a great idea to try and get illicit substances past security. And in the name of PLUR, never, ever think about bringing in dangerous things like weapons.

Bring a Good Attitude: This is a rave! You should be excited! Showing up ready to have a good time means everyone around you will have a good time. 

Bring Yourself: Obviously, you’re going to bring your body out to the dance floor. But you need to be ready to bring your personality as well. YOUR personality, that is. Don’t try to be someone you aren’t. 

Dress Appropriately: A great way to express yourself is through your rave attire. At Freedom Rave Wear, we make it super easy to dress however you want. We have rave attire in all sizes, including plus-size rave clothing. Exactly how you choose to dress is up to you. What is “appropriate”, is something you can easily and safely move in. If you do pick up a plus-size rave outfit from us, make sure to not pair it with heels! The same goes for any shoes that might lead you to fall over. 

Bring a Rave Bag: A good attitude can be hard to maintain if you start getting dehydrated or feel ill. Bringing a rave bag with anything you need to stay healthy and alert will help you maintain a positive attitude. And everyone loves the person who has water to spare. A rave bag is a great place to bring extra swag to share, like glow sticks or Kandi - more on that later! 

Mind Your Surroundings

Alright, you made it to the rave safely. Your rave attire looks amazing. You have a great attitude. Now all you have to do is have fun! Of course, you don’t want to have fun in a way that ruins other people’s fun. It’s pretty easy. Just make sure that you do the following:

Mind Your Surroundings: Rocking out is great. Knocking people over or bumping into them is not. Just take the time to make sure that you’re not bumping into anyone. Obviously, you shouldn’t be purposefully touching anyone without permission either.

Pace Yourself: We get it; getting a little wild is part of any good rave. But if you go too hard, not only will you probably crash out, you’ll be more likely to bring others down with you. Take the time to pace yourself if you start feeling too lightheaded. 

Make Amends: If you do bump into someone, make sure to apologize. If a drink is spilled, offer to refill it. Treat others like you want to be treated because respect is always the name of the game. 

Be Generous 

There are the basics of etiquette and then there’s going one step further to be the best raver you possibly can be. A true raver is more than just their rave attire. They stand by the ethics of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect and that means going the extra mile.

Share Water: Staying hydrated is super important for anyone at a rave. If someone is without, share with them. It’s the least you can do.

Trade Kandi: Trading Kandi has a whole set of etiquette itself. Trading Kandi is a great way to demonstrate your generosity. Don’t ask for specific pieces - let the giver make the choice. And if someone makes you a very special piece, keep it for yourself and wear it proudly. 

Share Tips: Once you get the hang of rave etiquette, it's up to you to share the tips you’ve learned. This includes telling people where exactly where you got your cute rave fashion at! For the best in rave gear, including plus-size rave clothing, make sure to point them to our shop! If you meet any new friends with great etiquette, our shop is a great place for festival clothing gifts as well.

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