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Dressing for Okeechobee Rave Blog

Dressing for Okeechobee

By: Sarah (@infinityxeternity)

Greetings Fellow Earthlings

As Spring Fest Szn is upon us, I figured it would be perfect to dedicate my first post to Okeechobee Music & Arts Fest happening March 5th-8th, 2020! As a newly residing Floridian, many of the friends I’ve made in the Tampa Bay area have RAVED about Okee and I cannot wait to experience the Okee magic myself! Is it too early to start packing?! 

To be completely honest, I am pretty new to the rave scene. My first ever camping festival was Electric Forest ‘19 and I feel like I was overwhelmed, in all the best ways, with all things PLUR. The EDM culture is so authentically different than our day-to-day “norms,” found in the “real world,” that I wanted to spend time discussing one of my favorite parts of raving... the OUTFITS! 

Holy freaking Moly, if you know, you do freaking know. And if you don’t, I hope I am here to spill all the tea before we depart on this Okee journey! Included in this article will be TWO helpful hints to make sure you are dressed and ready for Okeechobee Music & Arts Fest. 

First things first, can we talk about Florida Weather?! 

As a planner, and a Libra, I like to consider all perspectives, especially while making a decision. In terms of packing for Okee, we must must must consider the one wildcard that could throw any of our outfits awry, which is the Florida Weather. 

Last year, I moved to Tampa in March and the weather was wonderful. It’s not too hot and not too cold, kind of that perfect medium between sweating or freezing your a$$ off! We know Florida exists as the sunshine state, so we can bank on spending some time in the sun, but Florida also has a bad rap for unpredictable clouds and rain. During the long Okee days, we must plan for all things sun and rain. 

To be best prepared for all Florida Weather options, follow my two tips on #DressingForOkee : 

1) It’s always Bathing Suit Szn 

If you follow @FreedomRaveWear on Insta you might already know this, so for anyone who doesn’t I think we need to clarify. Bathing Suits and Bikinis ARE outfits! Especially in sunny Florida! Lucky for you. Freedom offers many bikini options that are perfect for your go-to, quick n’ easy festival outfit. Take a look at this Freedom Insta post for further instruction :  


When I attended EDC Orlando last fall, I had the same outfit inspo. In this look, you’ll see a one-piece swimsuit that I purchased from Target. I used this one-piece as the main inspiration when I put my entire look together. Luckily it didn't rain the day I wore this outfit, but I was ready! 


Okeechobee girl outfit


The best part about incorporating bathing suits into your outfits is that regardless of the weather, you’re set up for success. If it rains and you get wet, your outfit won’t be weighed down from the water. 

While at Okee, the chances of rain are as high as your average wook, so bathing suits are a must! If you’re also planning to experience Aquachobee, which is a stage designed around a water feature inside the festival, wearing a bathing suit is going to be the smartest idea while shuffling around the sandy beach. 

Share your bathing suit inspired look at Okee with the hashtag #OkeeBikiniSzn and tag Freedom in the pic! 

The second priority we need to consider in terms of best preparing for the Florida Weather has to do with how fast the weather can change. If we plan to spend the majority of our day in the sun, chances are at night we are going to freeze! So, 

2) Layers are a MUST! 

One of my favorite parts about attending festivals is access to all the merch to buy inside. If you haven’t bought a pashmina yet, Okee will be the best place to do it! 

Pashminas are a festival outfit staple! You can use them for literally anything. Whether you need a scarf, a spirit hood, or a blanket if you lay down and get cold. Pashminas are where it’s at! They dress up as accessories and can be easily converted to emphasize any look. 


festival pashmina


In this photo, I was using my pash as a scarf because I knew later in the night I was going to need it to cover up! In the photo below, I was rocking it as a hood! You literally cannot go wrong with pashminas! 


pashmina girl


Another great way to layer up is to wear onesies! If you’re in or out of the fest or at your campsite, onesies are so fun to wear because they are an entire look!! Not to mention, such a fun group theme too! 

While you’re packing for Okee, I hope you remember these two helpful tips I suggested to best fashion any and all Florida Weather outcomes! I’m so excited to see everyone’s looks at Okee! 

Don’t forget, use #OkeeBikiniSzn and tag @FreedomRaveWear in all your bathing suit/ bikini looks! Make sure to get your outfits ordered in by 2/28/20 to make sure you’re ready for Okee! 

See you on the other side, Earthling! 🖖🏽 

With Love, 

Sarah @infinityxeternity 

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