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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Drive-In-Raves are...Pretty Fun all Things Considered Rave Blog

Drive-In-Raves are...Pretty Fun all Things Considered

By: Sierra Judge (@sierrajudge)

I started attending festivals and shows in 2015, and have noticed a lot of change from then to now. One thing I would’ve never imagined is attending a drive-in rave. 

When I first saw the road raves being announced, my first thought was it is amazing that during this time of social distancing we will be able to attend an event. I, like many other people, had shows planned that have been canceled and or postponed due to COVID-19 and state regulations. This can be super disappointing. So the fact that we can have any type of event during this is cool. 


The more I thought about it, I began to think it may not be so great. When at a rave, dancing is a huge part of it. Watching the stage from the driver seat of your not so large car may not be as fun as dancing in a crowd. I also felt unsure about where the cars would be parked and if you would be trapped for the night once you parked. 

Now that the drive-in raves have started and videos are being shared, all of those worries went away. Each parking space looks at least six feet from one another. Attendees also have the option to get out of their car and use the surrounding area of their parking spots to dance and have fun. 

Many attendees brought lights, seats, and more. One truck put a rail in the bed, which was great and looked so fun.

The screen by the stage was large enough to be able to see it from a good distance. If you or a friend have a truck or Jeep, I highly recommend taking that instead of a car! Standing in the bed gives you a great view and freedom to move around. 



no parking on the dance floor

The first drive-in rave was hosted by Disco Donnie Presents. This took place in Hockley, TX at a drive-in movie theatre! They even had movies playing on different screens while the event was happening. 


carnage drive in

(Photo from @mdmelectro on ig) 

Carnage, along with Disco Donnie has come together to create more drive in raves across the country. The Road Rave also stopped in Phoenix, AZ on May 30th. Originally, The Road Rave had plans to come to Orlando, FL on June 6th. The Orlando event has now been postponed to June 20th. 


This message was put out in regards to the Orlando event. I was very happy to see the event get postponed, and that the creators are spreading awareness to the current issues happening all over the country. Our community is focused on the ideology of PLUR (peace, love, unity, and respect). This includes all human beings, regardless of race, looks, or occupation. Every individual deserves to feel safe, loved, respected, and important. The protests happening all over the country (many located in Orlando) are a way for us to show how important equality and respect are. Postponing the event allowed all attendees to become more educated and make their voices heard (whether this is from signing petitions or going out and physically protesting). 

Although the event is happening later than hoped, I’m sure it will be a great time. Drive-in movies have always been an exciting concept. Combining this with the music and artist you love will leave you dying to go to another. Even after all social distancing is finished, I hope to see more drive in raves throughout the country. They bring a new, less crowded, different experience than we are used to. Who knows, the next road rave may be your new favorite festival. 

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