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Essentials and Tips for Making the Best of Groove Cruise Rave Blog

Essentials and Tips for Making the Best of Groove Cruise


Raving on a cruise ship sounds like a dream, right? Because it totally is the most fantastical magical experience ever and I would recommend it 12/10. I was lucky enough to go on Groove Cruise Cabo this year with the Freedom Rave Wear Fam. Although we were supposed to go to Cabo, we were rerouted to Ensenada instead due to weather issues. Shout out to Norwegian Cruise Line and Whet Travel for accommodating this switch to ensure our safety.

Something to keep in mind for boarding the first day is that people dress up to the nines. Makenna, Rylan and I were not aware of this and we wore regular clothes to board. When we got there we had wished we put a little more thought into what we were wearing. Also, many people tend to have really glittery and decorated captains hats. That is definitely something I want for my next Groove Cruise. Something else to think about while boarding is that your checked luggage might not get to your room until very late at night. It is a good idea to bring your makeup and night one outfit on with you so that you don’t have to wait for your bags to get to your room. Something I did that I am very happy about was overpack. I brought miscellaneous extra outfits and I was able to help dress my friends throughout the weekend.

Another thing I would recommend bringing if you are a spaz like I am is bandaids. The first night, I ended up cutting myself very badly and it was a mission to find a bandaid on board. Bring just a few in case you do something silly so that you aren’t bleeding everywhere. LOL.

For those of you that get chilly, the temperature drops, especially at sea. I would recommend bringing a cute jacket or two that match with your outfits. Because we all know you wanna look poppin’ and don’t want to cover that cute 'fit with a hoodie.

Don’t be afraid to meet new people. Put yourself out there because Groove Cruise attracts a very eclectic group of people. You can make connections that last a lifetime. Another thing to keep in mind is to check out all the stages. Don’t be stagnant. Walk around and experience all that you can. Step out of your box and manifest your own destiny.

While on board, there are many activities hosted by DJs at your disposal. This is something that I wish we had taken part in. For my next Groove Cruise, I want to make a point to get more involved.

One of the best parts, in my opinion, was bonding with the FRW and Fancy Unicorn Fam over a nice sit-down dinner. The regular cafeteria food isn’t bad at all, but being together while sharing a 3-course meal with my friends was something I am very happy we did. I would say the best night to do this is the last night. Your group can sit down together, talk about all that you have experienced and give thanks for this beautiful trip of a lifetime. It’s a good time to really take it all in and get excited for the final night of cruising and grooving.

Overall Groove Cruise was the most amazing, bonding festival experience I have ever had the pleasure of embarking on. Everyone on it made the experience so special and I will for sure be going on another one in the future.

 Want to see some of the awesomeness that went down?! The link below is us being silly on the last day, courtesy of Rave Train. 

Recap Video: 


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