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Get Ready for Goldrush Arizona 2018 Rave Blog

Get Ready for Goldrush Arizona 2018

By Ade Ramos

Step 1: Watch this video

Now that we have your attention. Travel to the wild wild west to discover the hidden treasures of the Arizona rave scene. The 2nd ever Goldrush Arizona by Relentless Beats is taking place this year on September 29th and 30th. Last year was the first of its kind and instantly became a staple in Arizona’s music scene. If you have never been to Arizona for a rave or festival, you are missing out. As an Arizona native and no stranger to its festivals and concerts, Goldrush is one of my favorite events next to Phoenix Lights.

“I loved the set up in the western town it was unlike any festival I had ever experienced and really added a unique vibe. Beyond excited to see Illenium and Loud Luxury this year and see what they add to the festival 🙏🏼” - Jason Euler of OCTIV Entertainment

Can You Dig It?

(Source: Goldrush Music Fest Facebook)

Last year had an extremely diverse lineup and the venue of Rawhide made you feel like you had transported into a western movie. You could throw a friend in jail, dig for gold, take a themed photo and so much more. As someone that has attended many festivals in Arizona, this was the most well put together and well-thought out event Relentless Beats has ever put on. There were ways to interact with the festival aside from the music that made the experience so much more. The production of each stage fit the vibe of the festival and was very well done to bring great energy to each and every set. You can read my review of last year’s Goldrush as well as watch my recap video to get an idea for yourself.

“I loved the atmosphere from Goldrush last year! The theme and the setting really worked together and that stage was awesome! Super pumped to see Illenium for the first time as well as Loud Luxury and Juice Wrld” - @InspiredPayam

Goldrush 2018

This year the lineup is just as diverse of a lineup as last and caters to everyone’s music tastes. There is something for everyone and standout acts that will be incredible. My must-sees for Goldrush include: Deadmau5, Illenium, Chris Lake, Vince Staples, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Ekali, Loud Luxury, Virtual Riot, Born Dirty and so much more. There is such nice balance of heavy bass, vibey house and more. You will not be disappointed with whoever you choose to see.

Explore the lineup further with a Relentless Beats’ playlist to expose yourself to some of EDM and hip-hop’s most exciting acts.

<iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe>

“Only being the 2nd year of Goldrush it’s one of my new favorite AZ festivals because of the atmosphere and the diverse lineup! I’m super excited for Medasin, Illenium, Troyboi and Yookie” - Lindsay Smith

As for the experience itself, expect to be transported to the wild wild west and buckle up for this experience. I can expect a great level of production and interactive activities for attendees. I’m sure Relentless Beats will have some surprises up their sleeves to take Goldrush to the next level as the event gets closer.

If you still aren’t sold, take a look at how Goldrush impacted its attendees last year and what people are excited for this year: 

“I live in Colorado and my friends and I decided to make the trip down to Goldrush and we had a fantastic experience. Tt was my first AZ event ever and I fell in love with the venue. Rawhide Western Town was SO unique and fit the festival theme to a T. It was easy to get around, easy to get to and easy to leave from. I highly recommend to anyone considering going, just be sure to bring a mask to combat the dust!” - Mary Agan

“Last year’s Goldrush blew Decadence Year 3 and Year 4 out of the water. The layout being similar to Global Dance Festival AZ from previous years was phenomenal. The lineup was diverse and concise throughout all genres. Most excited this year for Deadmau5, Chris Lake, Virtual Riot, Moon Boots, & Yotto” - Dylan Courtney


“Last year I attended Gold Rush Music Festival for its first year in existence with someone who had never raved before in his life and who I had known for about a week at the time. We spontaneously made the decision to go together, and I was thrilled to take him and introduce him to the culture of raving as a whole, and for us to see some of my favorite artists including Excision, Rezz, San Holo and Malaa. Now, almost a year later that person is my best friend, my boyfriend, and my rave bae, and not to mention one of the most special people in my life. We will be attending Gold Rush again this year for his “Raveiversary” and are looking forward to reliving those amazing first moments raving together with more incredible artists like BTSM, Liquid Stranger, Illenium and Louis the Child ♥️✨🖖🏽” - Sarah Northam

How to Prepare for Goldrush

If you’re already going here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Arizona is HOT!!! The heat is no joke even in September. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the festival whether you use a hydration pack or carry a water bottle. Layer on the sunscreen as well to protect your skin.
  • Because you are also in the desert, pack a bandana or face mask to block out the dust. I was blowing my nose for days because my allergies went crazy.
  • Equip yourself with some earplugs to protect your precious hearing from the loud music you’ll hear over the weekend.
  • Make kandi to spread some plur vibes with other festival goers!
  • Go with the flow and see artists you wouldn’t normally see. See where the vibes take you!

TLDR: Have fun, stay hydrated and spread those positive plur vibes!

What to Wear to Goldrush

Not sure what to wear? Here are some ideas for the ladies to get your creative juices flowing. It will be hot so wear something you’re comfortable in.

Most Wanted Vixen

Top & Bottoms are from our Dark and Dangerous Collection.

Desert Queen

Bodysuit is from our Serpentine collection.

Dripping in Gold

Top and bottoms are from our JUICY collection and you can grab the face jewels from us as well!

As for you gentlemen, wear something loose and fun that you can groove in and avoid sweat stains in. You can checkout some of our men's tees if you need something to rock out in.

Hoping this blog post leaves you just as excited for Goldrush Arizona 2018 as we are. If you’re dying to go, enter in our giveaway to possibly win 2 Goldrush GA Tickets plus a $250 GIFT CARD to FRW! Let us know if you’re going and who you are most excited to see in the comments below. Don't forget to tag us in your photos in your FRW gear! You can follow me on Instagram @vibewithade and checkout my festival adventures and tips on my blog Vibe With Ade.

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