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How a Music Festival is Envisioned through a Non-Ravers Eyes Rave Blog

How a Music Festival is Envisioned through a Non-Ravers Eyes

By Isabel Amezquita

How Rave Culture is Being Stereotyped 

According to the urban dictionary, a raver is explained to be a person who regularly goes to raves, and talks wildly as if they are insane or delirious. This is not only wrong, but it also makes a non-raver think that raving is considered a “sin.”

Typically to an outsider, a rave is not more than just people gathering together to party, being irresponsible, and using drugs. However, ravers not only experience different forms of enjoyment at music festivals, but they also learn how to lift their spirits up. By this I mean how people can be whoever they want to be; leave their worries and stressful situations at home, and enjoy themselves without being concerned about what others may think of them. Therefore, it is important to actually understand what it means to be a part of the raving culture and community.

What It Means To Rave

Raving is experienced by a variety of people who all come together to show their love for music; which also provides an open-hearted environment that brings no judgmental vibes whatsoever. To attend a music festival, there is no specific age or manner to behave in; it is instead a form of freedom and escape through its many forms of art and lifetime of friendships being made each and every second.

However, many outsiders do not get to see and take in the beauty that a rave culture brings; from P.L.U.R. to Kandi, and light shows; it is only a matter of time when assumptions and stereotypes of being a raver cross their minds.


Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, which is short for P.L.U.R., has become extremely
popular and has evolved greatly into the rave culture to be defined as a lifestyle within ravers in the raving community.

That being said, P.L.U.R. is a lot more than just a slogan or an acronym, it is a way to share memories with others, become closer to many, and even share a specific handshake. This handshake involves the exchanging of Kandi which I will share with you all shortly. Nevertheless, P.L.U.R. has a special spot for ravers in their hearts and is one of those things that needs to be experienced in order to fully know how to understand its combination of qualities and beauty.


Kandi is a creative outlet that is associated with P.L.U.R.; as it involves a handshake gesture when exchanging bracelets. Each and every bead of Kandi on a bracelet that has been traded is considered to be a unique moment that has been shared with someone else that night. Not only that, but these bead bracelets are made by each raver, which can either be made simply for fun or can mean something deeper and special when transferring it over to someone else.

It is a great feeling and experience to notice because, at the end of each music festival night, you will look down at your wrists and remember where each piece of Kandi came from. It is considered a life-changing experience that can lead to everlasting friendships as well.

Light Shows

There are definitely a variety of light shows ranging from hula hooping to gloving. In my opinion, light shows are a way to showcase just as much creativity as making Kandi. For example, hula hooping is very eye-catching at raves since many ravers bring LED hoops to match the themes of these music festivals. But regardless, hula hoopers are quite talented with or without LED hoops, as they not only hoop it around their waists, but also do magnificent tricks that involve their legs, heads, arms, and pretty much every other body part. Some even do tricks with these hoops while shuffling or busting any dance move as well!

Gloving is a form of art that has become extremely popular at raves, but can also be used at any birthday party, or dance as well. Gloving comes with a variety of gloves to choose from and creative tricks involved. With each set of gloves also comes an LED light at the tip of each finger; which can be adjusted to anyone’s choice. Both hula hooping and gloving, do not have any set of ground rules, and can be enjoyed by anyone.

All and All

Whether or not raves are for everyone, it is definitely worth experiencing. The raving
culture has emerged into such a beautiful and vibrant community, that in my opinion, the music is what brings everyone together as one. There is no need to know the lyrics to a song since crowds will explode with cheerings to the drop beat of a song a DJ plays. Each person feels a deep sensation to the beat of each song, which is what makes a rave concert feel magical. Raving is much more than what we see on social media platforms. It is a very diverse group of people brought together to enjoy their love for not only music but for one another as well.

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