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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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How to Pack for a Multi Festival Trip Rave Blog

How to Pack for a Multi Festival Trip

So many festivals so little time! Every year when lineups come out it can be hard to pick and choose which ones to attend. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to go to multiple festivals. You may even find yourself in a back to back situation where you attend two or more festivals in a row. Especially in the summertime, when it feels like there is a festival every weekend you may get the urge to pack your bags and hit the road!

Last year I was crazy enough to do 8 back to back weekends of festivals then another 9 back to back weekends of festivals. The first run began in Atlanta for Shaky Beats and ended in Michigan for Electric Forest. I also went to EDC in Vegas, Sasquatch in Washington, Governors Ball in New York, Bonnaroo in Tennessee, and Firefly in Delaware. For this trip, I brought with me a carry-on suitcase and a backpack. The next run I did, I went international. I started in Chicago for Lollapalooza and ended in Atlanta for Imagine. I also attended Moonrise in Baltimore, Rize and Creamfields in the UK, Electric Zoo and OctFest in New York, as well as Music Midtown and Imagine in Atlanta. This time I brought two backpacks because I had to bring my own tent. I made sure to get a backpack that had straps to attach my tent to and got a mattress pad that was small enough to pack in the backpack. 

Layers! Layers! Layers! If you read my last article about how to prepare for the elements, then you already know I am a big fan of putting together outfits with multiple pieces. This also applies across outfits. If you have a mix of solid layers and statement pieces that can be repurposed into new outfits, then you can pack less. Another key to packing for multiple festivals is to utilize bags within bags. Packing cubes are great for compacting and organizing your clothes. I also use various sized makeup bags for things like toiletries, makeup, camping supplies, jewelry, glitter, slinkies, and other festival essentials. Also, throw a couple of plastic bags in there for when things get dirty. 

When it comes to essential articles of clothing that make a multiple festival trip easier here is my list:


Denim Jacket. This can be thrown over an outfit and also allow for more layers underneath like a hoodie or flannel. I added patched to mine to make it more festival-friendly. 

Rain Coat. Always should be in your bag! Get a thin one that can be layered so it can be worn when it’s warmer or colder when you pair it with a flannel. 

Combat Boots. Literally goes with every outfit. I even wore mine to a club in Ibiza. 

Flannel. This can be worn as a statement piece around your waist (shoutout to the ’90s) or can be added as a layer for warmth. 

Pashmina. Great for keeping warm on travel days. Can also be worn as a shawl or fashioned into a cute coverup. 

Bodysuit. This item can be a jack of all trades, worn by itself or paired with other layers. Wear this as a bathing suit, add tights/fishnets, or pair with shorts/pants. 

Statement Leggings. These can be added to any outfit and are great for travel days. Get ones that have an interesting pattern or are colorful for an added pop to any outfit. 

Tights/Fishnets. Dress up any t-shirt or add more coverage to a bodysuit. I have floral fishnets that add flair to any outfit.

Fun T-Shirts. I usually bring 2-3 of different sizes. At least one that is tighter and can be worn with shorts and one that’s longer and can be worn as a dress.

Denim Shorts. Throw these over a bodysuit or pair them with a T-shirt or a cute crop top. 

Dresses. Dresses are fun because they can be worn at a festival or in real life while sightseeing. Go for the gold and get one that’s reversible so you have two outfits in one! 

Black Hat. This can easily dress up any outfit. 

Hair Accessory. Be it a flower crown, furry cat ears, or a simple headband these are small items that can jazz up any outfit. 

Backpack. My secret is to get a backpack that fits another backpack inside of it. I utilize the big backpack for my computer and other essentials. The smaller backpack is the one I use for festivals. Packing it inside the other saves space. 

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