Is Don Diablo Breaking Free?

Author: Mike Hodgen, CEO & Cofounder @ FRW


I heard this song recently and did a double-take about 30 seconds in. The emotion is dripping. Both Don and Brando take the listener to a darker place. And I am so ready to be taken there over and over. I have had this song playing on repeat.

"All my life I've been searching
Looking for something perfect
That only led me back to blue
Might be a little broken
But I've got my eyes wide open
I'm gonna say it till it's true"

I think it's easy for most of us to relate to the search for something fulfilling. Life is one big experiment. Yet, perfection has always been put on a pedastal. However, it seems like things are starting to change. At Freedom Rave Wear we have been pushing against those intangible societal norms for years and the countercultural movement is picking up momentum across the world. And it should.

For too long careless expectation has left a wake of depression. How many of our generation have had to go to college just because it was expected, and not because it was the smart thing to do? Anyway, the chorus of Congratulations seems to provide a DGAF solution.

"Lately I've been stable
I don't need no label
Fuck congratulations
No more expectations
Don't care about my FOMO
I've been riding solo
So congratulations
So congratulations"

Despite the darkness, I probably couldn't agree more. With all the nonsense that consumes our media and daily life. I won't pretend to know what Don is going through but you can't help but be taken to this empowered place with him. It seems like Don is breaking free from something. And I support the F*** out of that. Keep making bangers Don.

If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing Don Diablo live yet, here is a link to his upcoming tour dates. 

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