By Jake Baccay
IT’S TIME. Festival. Season. Has. Arrived. 
The sun is a little brighter. The days are a little longer. The bass a little heavier.
Excitement and anticipation are in the air. Can you feel it – that deep desire for life-changing sets, filthy new drops, tank top-wearing weather, and booty shorts as far as the eye can see?  It’s magnificent. Are you ready? I know I am. Sure, festival season never truly ends.  I mean who doesn’t love a good Snowglobe, Countdown, or OMFG.  Winter festivals definitely have their place in my heart and in the festival landscape, but there’s just something about that early Spring feeling that excites the soul.  It is all ahead of us for the taking. 
It’s time to reunite the squad because lineups are dropping fast and tickets are selling out, if not already.  Make your plans, get your wristbands, and book your hotel rooms or camping sites (if you’re grimy enough like us).  Beyond, Ultra, Chella, EDC, LIB, Bonnaroo, Paradiso, and Electric Forrest all before July!  What a freaking time to be alive.  See what I mean? The next 3 months are absolutely stacked, and you should be amped out of your mind right now!  
The festivals are on the horizon people.  For my procrastinators out there, now is the time for those last-minute workouts and nothing-but-protein shake diets.  I will see you at gym for the final pre-festival chest day, sit-ups and curls. Ladies, a few extra squats will go a long way too.  You’ll look even better in that outfit you just bought from FreedomRaveWear’s Spring collection. Get your body right. Get your mind right.  Squash whatever drama you have in your in life because it’s all about good vibes going into Festival SZN.
Whatever destination you choose, enjoy it.  Stay in the moment. Don’t worry about your job, society’s expectations, or anything else clouding your mind.  You are there for one thing only, and that is to have an amazing time listening to great music with your best friends.  
IT’S TIME people.  Let’s get it.
P.S. Catch me at Kayzo in the Sahara tent next month.  Peace!
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