New Music Spotlight: "Be My Escape"- Ekonovah


by: Nick Lamoureux

One of Phoenix’s up-and-coming phenoms, Stephen Scotti aka Ekonovah is back with his first original track since the August release on Do Not Duplicate Recordings; this time with his original, "Be My Escape!"

After a streak of releases on labels such as Confession, In / Rotation and Gold Digger Records, Ekonovah has decided to self-release this track that comes out on all platforms December 20th, 2019.

This decision came after long consideration, but Stephen says that labels are “fun to work with” and that they can provide artists with “resources that aren’t always available” when self-releasing. He goes on to say, however, “one major drawback of working with a label is being on their schedule. It can take several months before the track finally gets released.”

For Ekonovah, as an artist he felt at this current time it was best for him to share his creations now rather than wait. One of the biggest things that played into this decision?

A gut feeling.

“Something in me just kept saying ’Be My Escape’ feels like December, so we decided to put it out now,” Ekonovah shared. 

I’ve gotta say, I agree. You hear the classic Eko-tech sound in “Be My Escape” and he really slides the timing and pitch around uniquely in this song, changing up sound design to differ from other originals. 



Ekonovah felt that “Be My Escape” was actually “some of the most fun” that he has ever had producing a track and spending time in the studio.


“I really started to learn more about my style and the directions I want to take as an artist while borrowing from other genre influences, like tech house and trance. I am super happy with the way it came together!" 

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