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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Rave Baes and Festy Besties: How EDM Brought Two People Together Rave Blog

Rave Baes and Festy Besties: How EDM Brought Two People Together

By Amber Watson

Looking for that fairytale ending? These electronic dance music love stories are sure to put some hope back into your heart. Remember, you look your best when you are doing something you love. SO, what better way to find love than through a mutual passion for EDM?!
Ashley was attending Crush AZ 2018 with her best friend and was feeling a bit under the weather. Halfway through the show, she decided to take a break from the crowd and get some fresh air on the grass. Sitting in the grass, she noticed a group of guys with a totem. They were closeby so she said hi and started talking to one of the guys in the group about how she was excited to see Kaskade but was not feeling well. He offered her to sit on the couch he had brought and they talked for a little while. Ashley exchanged numbers with him and went home. She sent him a text the next day thanking him for taking her mind off of feeling sick. After that, they started going to shows together anytime they had a free weekend. One weekend he planned a trip to Disneyland and it was there that he asked her to be his girlfriend. They have since seen Kaskade several times together and attended many music festivals.
She explains  “Kaskade and his music are so special to us; we met at his show and the first time he said I love you was at a Kaskade show a few months later. "Every time we go see him together I feel like I’m falling in love with him all over again.” (Pictured above Ashley and her rave bae at Crush 2019).

Rachel met her best friend through their mutual love of electronic music. She thought at first they would not get along but when Alaina invited her out to a DMVU show she found her festy bestie. As soon as they heard the music, they started dancing and having the time of their lives. They have several shows and festivals planned for this year and are even planning matching outfits. Just goes to show you that you can’t judge a person until you’ve headbanged with them.
Brianna found love at Paradiso 2018. She was volunteering for the festival but entered a contest to win a free ticket anyway (thinking she would not win). However, she did win, so she graciously gave the ticket to a friend who could not afford to go. When she gave the ticket to Colton, she noticed how cute he was. On day 2, they had planned to meet up when a storm hit and everyone had to go back to camp. Brianna had almost lost hope that they would meet up but found him waiting for her back at camp. They talked and went back to the festival together when it reopened. When they were at Audien’s set, she turned around and kissed him. This year when they went back to Paradiso she gave him a promise ring during Illenium’s set. It's hard to say that fate doesn’t exist when you hear a story like theirs.


Emily is one lucky girl! She met both her best friend and her significant other through electronic music. Her festy bestie actually introduced her to her rave bae four years ago! The night they met, Emily asked him to grab some confetti for her and she would give him a kiss in return. He returned with confetti and they have been together ever since. Every show they go to, he gets her confetti and she saves it in a jar. Talk about relationship goals!


Monique is the other half to Chicago’s own, Porn and Chicken. However, their love story is not a traditional one. They both worked in the industry and crossed paths many times, but Monique decided to keep her distance at first. One night she decided to go to one of the infamous Porn and Chicken shows without letting the DJ know. She explains that he noticed her right away, but it took some convincing on his part before she could let her walls down. After she finally gave into him she never looked back and couldn’t be happier now. They are even putting together a special project together and will be unveiling it soon. 


EDM is a powerful genre that has cultivated many relationships as well as friendships. Next time you second guess going to a show, remember your festy bestie or rave bae might be waiting on the dance floor. One thing that is sure to catch that special someone’s eye is showing up in a killer outfit and Freedom Rave Wear has you covered for that. Also if you want to match with your rave bae or festy bestie they have both women’s and men’s festival apparel. 
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