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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Rave Makeup Inspo

By Bonnie (ig: @koretha)   

There are so many things to love about going to a festival or rave. For some it can be music, dressing up, doing makeup, meeting people, spending time with friends, or all of the above. But since most people don’t do crazy rave makeup every day it’s hard to decide what makeup to do when rave day comes so here’s a couple rave inspo looks that can be paired with some accessories to spice up any outfit! Add a variety of colors to any simple look to make it stand out. Instagram is a great way to look for makeup inspiration. Type up #ravemakeup in the search bar or save any makeup photos that come across your timeline that you like for later inspiration.

Before we get started it’s important to know that cheap glitter is usually not best suited for the face and cosmetic grade glitter is best and even better yet is biodegradable glitter. It is recommended to test your glitter out before the occasion to make sure it doesn’t stain your skin and stays put the way you want it to. Loose glitter can be applied with aloe vera, a primer, vaseline, or glitter glue. Be careful when applying glitter near the eyes! Face gems can be reused if taken care of properly and cleaned thoroughly after. Typically most face gems come with adhesive on the back already, but if you know you are going to sweat a ton apply eyelash glue to the back of the face gems for maximum security. 

Face gems can be found on FRW, Amazon, and other sites.  

Some cosmetic grade glitter brands are: FRW, Theglittertwins, Lunatics, Squad Goals Beauty, Eco Glimmer, MAC

If using loose glitter:

First, apply the glitter bonder of your choice to the desired area.

(vaseline, aloe, glitter glue, etc.)

Then pour some glitter out onto the lid to prevent contaminating the jar of glitter.
Dip into the glitter with a face brush and apply it to the primer.

If using multiple colors start with the lightest one making it easier to blend out like eyeshadow. 

To remove glitter:

Most glitter bonds should dissolve once warm water and soap are used, but for the tougher glitters use clear packaging tape to get rid of the remaining stubborn sparkles. 

Look 1 

Face gems and glitter combo

Pair up any face gems with a “c” shaped moon crescent around the eyes on the side of the face. This is usually in the area that people would typically put their highlight on. The eyes are framed by the makeup and gems and become the focal point. Glitter or highlight added into the inner corner of the eyes can make them pop as well.

Look 2
Glitter tears and glitter lips

Go bold with glitter lips! There’s something about glitter lips and tears that are so captivating yet simple. Glitter gels can be used to create glitter lips as well as using liquid lipsticks and setting loose glitter on before it dries. Drawing straight lines with glitter to create glitter tears. Not good at making straight lines? Don’t worry glitter does not dry very fast so use a straight edge to push the extra glitter back in place.

Look 3
Geometric shapes 

What’s easier: cutting shapes or drawing them? These looks are so satisfying because they’re so clearly laid out. A tip on getting sharp lines is to use tape and q-tips to clean off the excess. Using any straight edge to push the excess back in place also works as well. In everyday makeup, most of us are used to blending everything together so we don’t see any harsh shapes or lines. In this case, it’s the opposite. Creating shapes purposefully makes it interesting and creative. 

Look 4 


There’s something about asymmetry that is very eye-catching. Whether it’s asymmetric or different colors on each side it adds to a unique look. If the asymmetric look is starting to drift apart as a look try integrating similar shapes or colors on both sides to tie the look together. 

Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t turn out the way you want. You are beautiful with or without makeup! The most important thing is to have fun. There are countless looks and they’re all so magical looking. I hope this creates some inspo for your future events! Don’t be scared to give out compliments to others on their makeup and fits, keep it plur and have fun!!!

Ig handles in parenthesis 

In pictures: Bonnie (@koretha) Alex (@kandi_diva) Jen and Steph (@theglittertwins) Danielle (@daniellemm059) Rue (@ruee_boo) Bela (@belametz)


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