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Rave Makeup: 7 Looks We Love Rave Blog

Rave Makeup: 7 Looks We Love

Raving includes all things wild, electrifying, and fun! Doesn’t it?

Who says it’s all about dressing outrageously? Well, that’s half the truth you know about the fun-filled rave parties, festivals, and events. Honestly, no rave look is complete without donning some eye-captivating and sensational festival makeup looks.

Rave makeup is an art! You can pull inspo from literally anyone or anything. Think Lady Gaga from ArtRave: The Artpop Ball or Miley Cyrus from MTV VMA. The possibilities are endless and the lewks you can turn are limitless.

Glitters or embellishments, experimenting with your rave makeup is the chic way to look drip and sexy AF at your next rave gathering. Wonder what rave makeup will best suit your rave outfit or hairdo? Don’t you worry your pretty little head because we got you covered. We bring to you 7 of our favorite rave makeup looks. Take inspiration, jot down the details or just simply admire these rave festival makeup looks that we love!

High-Spirited Eye Makeup
  1. Slay & Play with High-Spirited Eye Makeup

We absolutely love it when you gals ditch the conventional palette of colors and create some inspiringly dazzling rave makeup looks. A bold eye makeup (like the one above) with playful colors is surely our thing at every rave.

You know what? It’s high time to take out your brightest and most bold eyeshadow palettes that you’ve been avoiding and finally try that vibrant fuchsia pink or electric blue to decorate your eyes. We ain’t got no time for neutrals around here!

Remember what we said before? Rave is all things wild, and now it's your time to take risks. We can almost guarantee that someone at a rave never got called out for having TOO fabulous of a makeup look going on. The dash of colors adds the perfect amount of fun and craziness to complete your festival makeup.

2. Glitter– Glam–Gloss

Glitter Makeup = Rave Ready! Am I right, or amirite?

Glitter is one of our favorite add ons to every rave festival makeup look. That glistening shine can do wonders.  You can literally put glitter anywhere and everywhere. Use it as a highlighter or put some on your eyes – glitter makeup is the quintessential way to attract those eyeballs.

Finish your sexy and spicy rave look with some body glitter; you can use a contrasting color on the body to let it pop up like the shiny stars in the sky. And hello, glitter isn’t just for the gals. Fellas, feel free to pop on a little glitter gloss or body glitz because you deserve to shine on the dancefloor too!

Facial Embellishments

3. Facial Embellishments? Yes, Please.

How can we not mention embellishments and gems when talking about rave makeup? That would be unfair. Because snappy rave makeup and facial embellishment is a festival season essential. Our favorite festival makeup is the one with shiny freckles, face gems, and outlandish stones – they just give that edgy and wild rave vibe we all look forward to.

If you aren’t someone who loves a ton of makeup or owns a ton of products, stick-on gems will be your best friend. You make have all of the fun of creating a cute look without the commitment of having to apply eyeshadow, lipstick, etc. You can also complete your look by not just adding embellishment to your face but to your rave outfit as well. Opt for some body chains and necklaces to create a glamorous and rich rave-ready look.

4. Holographic is the Rave Makeup OG

Is it blue or is it green? Is that chrome? Holographic makeup is the shapeshifter of all looks.

Holographic makeup is the best kind of lewk to put on while going to a night’s rave event since all the lights will reflect perfectly on your makeup and flaunt that glistening glow on your face. We just love the combination of flirtatious pink or cyan with some silver or neon shade color. Mamma Mia, that just looks F-A-B!

You can carry the same holographic eyeshadow and lipstick to create a sick monochromatic rave makeup look. For some inspiration and holographic makeup ideas, you can always refer to Euphoria *wink*. Plus, holographic makeup looks great with body-hugging dresses to offer you a chic and sexy look for the next rave. 

Twinning with Your Hair Color

5. Twinning with Your Hair Color

We can’t talk about our favorite rave makeup looks without mentioning our love for matching hair, eyeshadow, and lipstick color. We stan a monochromatic look. Now, we aren’t suggesting that you go out and dye your hair pink, but have some fun with it! There are temporary color sprays that can change up your look in seconds.

The hair looks perfect, and so does the makeup. Match your rave outfit with your festival makeup to stand out at your next rave. If you’re planning to carry some braids, why don’t you use a colorful extension to refine your look? And how about wearing the same color lipstick as your hair extensions. Exciting, right?

6. Going a Little Extra (A Little Too Much, Actually!)

If you’re a pro, you would agree that going extra is the theme of every rave party. This is exactly what we love about this festival makeup look. Trying out that big chunk of flirty eyelashes or adding a prop to your eyebrows is what makes you the OG Rave Queen!

Deciding a theme or color for yourself means stepping on to becoming a rave festival pro. You can don feathery eyebrows or take some inspiration from the 2019 Met Gala to go over and above with your eyelashes game.

7. Body Tattoos? Yes. Facial Tattoos? Hell, Yass!

Butterflies? Cat? Flowers? Name anything, and you’ll get it on your face.

Facial tattoos have recently become the popular thing to add to your rave makeup. They’re basic, playful, and newbies in the rave world. If you’re ready for the rave festival season, get a temporary tattoo that stays up on your face for about 4-5 days.

Look for crazy designs, shapes, and colors, which go perfectly well with your rave vibe.

Bonus…Few Things to Remember Before Putting on your Rave Makeup

Rave makeup can go a little too harsh on your skin. The bright colors, glitter glue, extensions, and tattoos can leave your skin dry and damaged. So, to avoid the after-party repercussions keep in mind the following tips and tricks:

  • Only apply high-quality makeup products that suit your skin and go well with your skincare routine.
  • Always wash your face before putting on the makeup or try mild exfoliating to unleash your inner glow.
  • Apply aloe vera or essential oils-based moisturizer to rejuvenate your skin before applying heavy makeup.
  • Make sure to get rid of excessive oil from your skin so that the festival makeup stays longer and shinier.
  • Depending on the season, make sure you use waterproof makeup products.
  • Do not forget to carry your makeup kit along to do some touch-ups and corrections.
  • At last, don’t be lazy and remove all that you got on your face completely and nicely. Make sure your skin breathes that fresh air wholly to get ready for the crazy festival season

Freedom Rave Wear aims at inspiring all you crazy people to dress outrageously, laugh shamelessly, and dance carelessly. Be it jubilant rave outfits or accessories or makeup ideas, we have got everything that you would want for your next rave party.  

Check out the full range of sexy and spicy rave outfits by Freedom Rave Wear here!

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