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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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What Do Guys Wear to a Rave? Rave Blog

What Do Guys Wear to a Rave?

It’s a fact that a lot of the focus on developing rave festival outfits is focused on EDM outfits for women. Women just get a lot of the most fabulous EDM outfits. That’s fine, but it does leave a lot of guys who are looking to attend a rave scratching their heads and asking, “what do guys wear to a rave?”

Of course, you can wear whatever you like to a rave! But if you’re a man, you might not even have a good idea of where to start. Women at least have a large array of EDM outfit products to base their concepts on. This blog will go over some basics for EDM outfits for guys.

The Basics of Men’s Rave Festival Outfits

The basics for men’s EDM outfits are identical to those for women’s EDM outfits. You first and foremost want something that you can be comfortable dancing and partying in, even in scorching weather. This means that you want clothes that are breathable and comfortable. However, you also are going to want to strut your stuff. Any good EDM outfit for men has got to have at least a little flair to it. 


First things first, get yourself a comfortable pair of shorts. If you’re raving outside, long pants might lead to you getting overheated. Athletic shorts are among the most popular since they are designed for movement. However, it can be hard to get athletic shorts with places to put all your valuables. If this worries you, cargo shorts can also be a great option.

If you do want to go for pants as part of your EDM outfit, that’s cool too. We do recommend something loose and breathable. You don’t need to go as big as the phat pants of yesteryear. Pants that taper at the ankle, like harem pants, allow you breathability without a ton of unnecessary fabric.


Comfy shoes are going to be essential for any dance party or rave. It’s no fun if you have to stop your partying because of blistered feet! Going for stylish shoes is okay, but be aware that at a rave your shoes might get muddy, stepped on, or spilled on. Better to go for something robust like your toughest running shoes or broken-in combat boots.

Tank Tops or T-Shirts

What do guys wear to raves? Freedom Rave Wear's Bubble Bath 2.0 mens t-shirt.

When it comes to rave festival outfits for men, the tops generally tend to be tank tops or T-shirts. These are lightweight and flexible while still being a great chance to show off your style. Just because a simple option is best here doesn’t mean it needs to be bland. You can get a lot of T-Shirts and tank tops in the most eye-catching of styles. 


Really, as long as you have shorts and shoes, you’re good to show up to a rave. None the less, that’s just the start. The best EDM outfits are those that have some flair to them. This means that if you want to really have your rave festival outfits stand out, you are going to have to accessorize. Thankfully, there are plenty of options here to customize your EDM outfit. 


Bringing a hat is never a bad idea if you’re raving someplace where it’s hot. It’s an easy method to add flair to your outfit and give yourself some portable shade. ‘Nuff said.


The same idea as the hat, sunglasses are mainly for protection against those harmful UV rays. You can even bend the rules a little bit and wear your sunglasses at night if the rave you’re at goes a little bit overboard on the light shows.



What do guys wear to  raves? Freedom Rave Wear's Toxic hooded scarf.

Scarves can be one of the most flexible varieties of accessories. You can drape them over yourself for some extra style. You can tie them on your head for additional sun protection or wear them loose like a hood. You can also use scarves like, well, scarves. In this case, they make a great bandana or face mask.


If scarves seem too much for you to keep track of, you can also get smaller rave hoods. These pack all the style of festival scarves in a smaller and more manageable package. Like sunglasses, they’re an excellent way to avoid too much glare in your eyes as well. 

Bandanas and Masks

Like a rave hood, a bandana or face mask is an excellent option to cover up your face if you don’t want a scarf. This could be for protection of anything you might catch, or it could just be to give you a mysterious vibe. They’re also really great for keeping out dust. 


It wouldn’t be a rave without people trading Kandi. Bringing a bunch of your own gives you something to swap around. If you want to get your Kandi collection started, make sure to check out the kinds we have in our store

Hydration Packs

Staying safe is even more important than having fun at a rave. And one of the best ways to stay safe is to stay hydrated. Dancing out in the heat for a long time can easily lead to dehydration. For guys or girls, bringing a hydration pack is always a smart move. 

Get All Your EDM Outfit Needs With Freedom Rave Wear

At Freedom Rave Wear, we make a super styling collection of T-Shirts and tank tops for men. Just grab one of these with pairs of comfy shorts and shoes, and you’ll be ready to rave in no time. If you want to take your EDM outfit to the next level, make sure to grab some of our fabulous accessories as well. That way, you can get a rave outfit that reflects your style in the best ways possible.

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