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RIP Avicii Rave Blog

RIP Avicii

On April 20th, 2018, the music world lost an iconic figure. Avicii (aka: Tim Bergling), you will be so dearly missed, but your music will continue to bring together not only the EDM community but music lovers from far and wide throughout every genre and subgenre.

How many videos do you think have been created, documenting some of our biggest life-changing moments that we all experience throughout our lives, to the tune of “Wake Me Up” or “Hey Brother”? How many times did we go to a school dance or even just get in our cars and hear one of his house songs fill the air with those magical energetic drips that make you just want to jump?

Getting his start like most DJ’s- in his parents' basement with a computer and headphones, he eventually grew to be one of the biggest influences in the Electronic Dance Music scene, even breaking into more mainstream music later in his career. Throughout his come up he was part of the explosion that rocked the US and the EDM genre. One of his debut songs, Levels has been coined as one of the breakout songs that brought EDM music to the tops of the charts and turned it into the explosive community and following that has only continued to grow over time. He pulled his roots and influences from various different genres, even citing famous artists like Daft Punk and Sweedish House Mafia as early influences for him when he started tinkering with tunes at the age of 18. Although he found inspirations from all different walks of life, he brought that music together in ways that everyone found a meaning and a connection to his beats. For many ravers and even artists, Avicii was and still is a huge impact and influence on their lives and was the spark that ignited their love.

I still remember the first day that I heard the song Wake Me Up. I was driving along in my car and I had just really started listening to EDM and didn’t really understand what I was listening too, but I heard that melody:


“So wake me up when it's all over

When I'm wiser and I'm older

All this time I was finding myself, and I

Didn't know I was lost”


It changed me and made me feel. I had never had a song make me feel something so hard, something deep in my soul that I really resonated with. And as I continued to learn more about EDM I found myself more and more favorable to the deep house vibes that I knew I would get from Avicii- those feelings that made me want to dance forever and not stop smiling. That was the effect that his music had on everyone, a time-stopping experience where all that matters is what you’re feeling and the sound of the music. Everyone all over the world is expressing their deepest sorrows for the loss of such an iconic figure, but we know you’re playing the soundtracks to our lives up there in the ultimate rave paradise.

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- Carolyn Knapp

This is such a beautiful tribute to Avicii. I loved reading every word, even though they gave me chills and made me cry. This article helped remind me of the reason I got into EDM and the amazing things the music makes you think and feel. Thank you for your beautiful words! RIP AVICII, SEE YOU ON THE NEXT LEVEL!

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