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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Shuffle Babes Dance Class Rave Blog

Shuffle Babes Dance Class

By: Desiree (@beautifulruin)

Hi, I’m Desiree and I will be the voice behind today’s blog for Freedom Rave Wear (whom, btw, is incredible at Rave fashion!) I have recently been on a journey to physically better my health also shed some fat. While on my journey, I have been in a calorie deficit and so far, lost 17 pounds. By keeping a positive focus, I can continue to move forward and grow. Connect with me on Instagram and feel free to reach out.  IG: @beautifulruin

Shuffle girl


I have always wanted to be great at shuffling since I was in high school. I taught myself the running man and some simple steps during that time and went to the small local raves with friends. In my growing love for EDM and raves, I found @shuffle_babes account on Instagram. I thought to myself that it would be impossible to be able to shuffle like the AMAZING babes I saw on their feed. Specifically, because I have a heavy bust that can be an inconvenience at times. 

A major tip for women with larger bust: What works for me is just doubling up on sports bras. I wear a regular sports bra and one that swoops closer to my neck. This minimizes the bounce as much as possible. High-impact sports bras can also do the trick but can often be pricey. 


Shuffling girls

Val of Shuffle Babes(@sb.val) hosts her classes at studios located in Los Angeles County. I was able to check her availability on the Booksy account in her IG bio and schedule a personal shuffle class. To say the least, Val is amazing! She was nice and patient with me. She truly made me feel comfortable to be able to dance with someone I had just met. She has such a great vibe! 

To start she asked me where I was in shuffling. Then I showed the steps which I knew. Slowly but surely, I learned a variety of new steps that she choreographed for the Shuffle Babes Bootcamp. Val teaches that group class on select Thursdays at 8:45 pm. 

I was surprised by how well I caught on to most of the choreography. It was also a great work out and I got my cardio in for the day. There was also a point during the class where I stopped thinking about it so much and found my feet hitting every step. It was so much more fun once I got to shuffle to music. I feel like there was a lot learned in one class which I couldn’t have taught myself by watching a video. 
After I caught on to the choreo, Val recommended I record myself to see what it looks like. It’s safe to say I was on point! I was extremely proud of myself. To push myself out of comfort zone and learn something new which I had always wanted to do. Not to mention, I got a good workout while doing so.

Here is a list of simple pros v. cons I made:


  • Outlet for Self-Expression
  • Cardio workout
  • Flex on the gram
  • Shuffle butt off at raves
  • Satisfaction


  • It takes time
  • You probably will look funny at first (that’s OK)
  • You won’t want to stop


Shuffling is so much fun but just like anything else, it takes some practice. Below are some things to remember:

  • -Remain determined
  • -Don’t let yourself get discouraged
  • -Remind yourself why you started
  • -Don’t give up!
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