Style Inspo Series- Electrifying Energy

Electrifying Energy Nova Festival Outfit

Are you ready to blast off into the galaxy and explore new dimensions of style? Look no further than Freedom Rave Wear's Nova collection, featuring a energetic style that is out of this world.


  1. Nova Serendipity Top - This top is perfect for showing off a little skin while still keeping things stylish. The strappy design and front knot add a unique touch to any outfit.

  2. Nova Chaps - Add some edge to your look with these matching chaps. They're the perfect complement to the Serendipity Top and give off major space cowboy vibes.

  3. Nova Bucket Hat - Keep your head covered from the sun (or stars) with this matching bucket hat. It's the perfect accessory to tie together the spacey theme of the outfit.

  4. Fishnet Top - Layer this fishnet top under the Serendipity Top for a little extra texture and dimension. It's the perfect way to add some depth to your look.

  5. Accessories - Complete the look with these black and green accessories, including energy bolt earrings, a belt, and a necklace. They add just the right amount of pop to the outfit without overwhelming the spacey galaxy energy style.


The Nova collection from Freedom Rave Wear is the perfect way to show off your spacey style and embrace the energy of the galaxy. From the top to the matching chaps and bucket hat, every piece is designed to make you feel like a star. So what are you waiting for? Blast off into a new dimension of style with the Nova collection.


Earrings, Fishnet Top, and Fishnet Gloves: Amazon

Necklace and Belt: Nomad Kandi

Shoes: Demonia

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