Style Inspo Series- Extraterrestrial Babe

Extraterrestrial Babe Nova Festival Outfit


Get ready to blast off to a whole new galaxy with this alien inspired style inspo look from Freedom Rave Wear's Nova Collection! This futuristic look will make you feel like an extraterrestrial queen on the dance floor. Let's check out the pieces that make up this cosmic outfit:

  1. Nova V Free Top: The perfect combination of style and function, this sports bra style top features a mesh panel for added breathability and a touch of edge. The interstellar design is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

  2. Mesh Baelien Sleeves: Add a touch of mystery and intrigue to your look with these mesh arm sleeves. These sleeves are perfect for those cooler festival nights, and will add an extra layer of dimension to your outfit.

  3. Mesh Skater Skirt: Flow like a star through the festival crowds in this mesh skirt. The sheer material will show off your legs and allow you to dance the night away in style. 

  4. Earrings: Take your space look to the next level with these alien shaped earrings. The intricate design will add a touch of otherworldly charm to your outfit, and will definitely turn heads.

  5. Platforms: Finish off the look with these holographic space platforms. These shoes are out of this world, and will add a futuristic touch to your outfit. The chunky platform will keep you comfortable while you dance the night away among the stars.


There you have it - an alien inspired look that will make you the star of the show. Get ready to take your festival fashion to the next dimension with Freedom Rave Wear's Nova Collection. See you in the cosmos!


Scrunchies, Glasses, Backpack: Amazon

Earrings: Nomad Kandi

Shoes: Demonia

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