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Your Complete Guide to EDM Drive-In Volume II Rave Blog

Your Complete Guide to EDM Drive-In Volume II

By Pooja Shah (@Pooja_Shahnanigans)

If you thought EDM Drive-In Round II was going to just be another "car rave," guess again. With programming ranging from theatre to comedy, music, lasers and so much more, there is something for EVERYONE this Halloween weekend at Electric Fiesta Weekender.

Electric Fiesta treats San Antonio for a full week(end-er) of events with an emphasis on social distancing and SAFETY. The week-long programming for ‘Electric-Fiesta Week(ender)’ is set to take place at the Freeman Coliseum Grounds from October 28 to November 1, 2020. The success of San Antonio’s first multi day socially distanced drive-in event (EDM Drive-In, this past June) was felt around the country, and now the team at Electric-Fiesta has announced the Electric-Fiesta Drive-In Week(ender) just in time for maximum immersive Halloween fun!


electric fiesta


EMPHASIS ON SAFETY - Since the first EDM Drive-in, Electric Fiesta has made it a first priority to take safety very seriously. In addition to working with local officials to follow state and local event guidelines, EDM Drive-in also touts pro-active social media channels to communicate real-time concerns with attendees. Complimentary Masks will also be made available for all attendees of Electric-Fiesta Weekender.  Restrooms are sanitized after each use with hand sanitizer stations readily accessible before and after restroom use. A working FM radio is required for maximum fun, and each ticket with full visibility of the show for all spaces.


EDM drive in rave


Speaking of spaces: each car is parked with plentiful parking spaces in between to allow for social distancing between car-sites. Guests are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, tables, blankets and other non-visually obstructive items to decorate their parking space and recreate the festival vibe! Examples of set-ups from the past EDM drive-in can be found here! Attendees of the first rendition of EDM drive-in were treated to free topo-chico, redbull, LED foam sticks and so much more: we can only imagine what round 2 has in store!

ULTIMATE GUIDE TO Electric-Fiesta Drive-In Week(ender)

Wednesday October 28, 2020 – Rocky Horror Picture Show Drive-In


Electric-fiesta Rocky Horror picture show


The festivities begin on Wednesday October 28, 2020 with The Rocky Horror Picture Show sing-a-long drive-in. Unlike other film screenings, this show will be an immersive experience and will include live theatrical performers, stilt walkers, fire breathers and is led by Kristi Waters (Dr. Frank-n-Further) and hosted by back-to-back Miss Gay Texas Taryn Taylor. Fans are highly encouraged to attend in costume and recommended to sing-along in the private safety of their own vehicles!  Doors open at 7PM for this one-time showing!

Thursday October 29, 2020 – Non-Essential Comedy (Two Showings)


Electric-fiesta non-essential comedy


We can all use a good laugh right about now. Thursday night’s event features two epic showings of comedy, ranging from SNL to Tik Tok favorites! Tickets are available for 7PM and 10PM showings!

Comedians planned for the night are:

  • Skyler Stone (Fox’s Raising Hope, Comedy Central’s Con and Ice Age 4 -voice of Diego),
  • Chris Kattan (Saturday Night Live, The Middle, and A Night At The Roxbury)
  • Donell Rawlings (Chappelle Show, The Wire, “I’m rich biaaatch!”)
  • Preacher Lawson (America's Got Talent Finalist Season 18, and AGT Champions finalist)
  • And Texas’s own Jon “Polar Bear” Gonzalez (Polar Bear Comedy)


Friday October 30, 2020 & Saturday October 31, 2020 – EDM Drive-In


EDM drive-in volume 2


EDM Drive-in acts as Electric Fiesta Weekender’s MAIN event!

The weekend will feature some of the biggest names in electronic dance music! For Friday October 30th, fans will be treated to the heavy-hitting bass sounds of Virtual Riot, Etc! Etc!, Crizzly, Coast Club and a lucky opener from an upcoming dj submission contest.  The lineup for Saturday, October 31st is Cash Cash, Henry Fong, Lady Faith, Roroll and Nick Ledesma, and the hours of the event are 7pm-midnight nightly.

Since its inception, EDM Drive-In has focused tremendously on the audience experience: this is the most immersive and FUN drive-in event in the country. The Halloween edition plans to be no different, and will feature enhanced production including a Drive-Thru haunted tunnel, and the return of the World’s First Drive-Thru Step & Repeat.  The event will also feature FIVE massive LED screens for viewing no matter where attendees park, plus mind-blowing lasers to light up the sky. Attendees are encouraged to dress up their vehicles and themselves, as there will be nightly costume contests for various categories and rewards!

Guests will also be provided with sanitized ‘Treat’ bags from event sponsors, and will even be warped into digital phantoms using live cameras. Roaming themed carriages (golf carts) led by ghastly ghouls will patrol the venue and nightly fireworks will illuminate the sky. These parts of the experience truly set EDM Drive-In apart from the rest. No other event this Halloween is planning this level of insane production.


Sunday November 1, 2020 – Darkside of the Drive-In: A Think:EXP live music lazer experience featuring the music of Pink Floyd!


electric-fiesta darkside of the drive-in


Original members Scott Page & Roberta Freeman bring the nostalgic Pink Floyd experience to a new generation! Come experience the show your parents always talked about! Sunday’s event features two showings of the audiovisual experience accompanying the live music performance from rock legend greats! This also  is the world debut collaboration of video, lights and lasers with Visual Symphony and NuSalt. Two shows: 7PM and 10PM

Performing live Dark side of the Moon + hits are: Scott Page (Pink Floyd), Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp), Kenny Olson (Kid Rock), Norwood Fisher (Fishbone), Roberta Freeman (Pink Floyd), Will Champlin (The Voice), Derek Day and special appearances by Texas Pink Floyd.


men drive in rave smiles


Tickets for all events are on sale available NOW! Use Code: FestivalAddicts when making your purchase and send us a DM with a screenshot of your purchase for a FREE Festival Addicts Fan! With free masks, a haunted tunnel, 5 screens, epic lasers, fireworks AND sponsored treats: there will be no better party (or safer) party this halloween weekend, no matter what genre of dance music you love! If you STILL NEED convincing, check out our recap of the last EDM drive-in here!

And for sporty drive-in halloween looks, be sure to check out the Freedom Rave Wear Halloween Collection

Pooja Shah is an LA-Based IT Consultant and the FestivalAddicts Website monkey. When she’s not posting articles, playing video games, or headbanging to the latest Lost Lands Compilation Album, you can follow her festival adventures on Instagram @Pooja_Shahnanigans!


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