You Have to Listen to Martin Garrix's Career-Defining Ultra Set

WATCH: Martin Garrix Live at Ultra 2016

Martix Garrix Ultra News Post

 It seems like only yesterday Martin Garrix  was the 17 year-old DJ with the super  awesome and super overplayed smash,  Animals. My defining moment of Garrix  fandom came in 2014 when he absolutely  killed it at his EDC Las Vegas Kinetic  Field debut without even dropping the only  song anyone really knew him for at that  time.

Fast forward 2 years and Garrix is the youngest DJ to ever close out mainstage at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival. Ultra is known as the official preview of festival season — the spot where DJs release their new tracks and the tone for the summer is set. Garrix brought the goods, offering 10 new songs to his set filled exclusively of his own songs, collabs and remixes — something we don’t hear often in EDM performances.

Martin Garrix And he wasn’t the only one.  Hardwell   tried it too with 12  unreleased tracks  that translated  into a one-note  performance*. It’s  that juxtaposition that  proves just  how dynamic Garrix’s  sound  really is. He’s made a career out  of learning from and collaborating  with  the world’s best DJs and it creates a sound that can stand on it’s own.

Garrix recently split with his label and started his own, giving him complete creative freedom he clearly had a blast showing off. Ultra 2016 was his moment and it won’t be his last — this Animals artist is a straight beast.

*Sorry Hardwell, I still love you. And that new Craig David collab is sick!

By: Desiree Roughton Writer and Rhythm Chaser

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