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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

Members Only Black Friday Sale

Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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6 Apps to Help You Festival Better Rave Blog

6 Apps to Help You Festival Better

6 Apps to Help You Prepare for Festival Season

By Ade Ramos

There’s an app for literally everything it seems like. Whether you use apps to play your favorite tunes or check in on social media, it seems like all we do is use apps. Believe it or not there are apps to help you with preparing for your next festival. As you’re venturing off to your next festival season, here are 6 apps to help you live your best life.


For the best festival experience possible: Download the app for the festival you’re going to

Most festivals have an app for the festival you’re attending loaded with not only set-times, but also a map of the festival. You can also see other amenities and food options that will definitely help you plan your festival experience.


To save you money: Mint

If you’re a frequent festival goer and want an easy and seamless way to keep track of your expenses, download Mint. You can set budgets for yourself and it will notify you when you’re close to overspending on your budget. Mint will help you track your spending which can help you save more money so you can go to more festivals. See the math I did there?


To meet new people: Radiate

Radiate is essentially what we love about our favorite social media apps all in one and for ravers and festival goers. When you download Radiate, you create a profile and then you can select which festivals you are attending. You are then put into forums with other attendees where you can post photos of your outfits, get advice from veterans and more. I have found this app useful when I went to Something Wicked 2017 by myself and made friends via the app to meet in person so I felt like I wasn’t alone at the festival.


For the squad: Firechat

If you have a big squad going to a festival, or you just have awful luck with getting service at festivals, Firechat is for you. It essentially allows you to chat and message your friends even without Internet or mobile data available. You and your friends essentially become your own network with your friends and are able to communicate through the app.


For your fire selfies: VSCO Cam & Camly

I am a huge VSCO gal. I love editing on this app and putting various filters over my photos. If you’re super OCD about your grid colors and what not, you can save your edits as “recipes”, which you can then use the same editing on every photo. This has saved me so much time on editing my photos and make my photos look consistent. Camly is also a great app for adding other effects over filters like light leaks, lights or cool 3D effects to add to your photos. I use these two apps often for my festival photos.

Of course make sure you have our Freedom Rave Wear app downloaded to unlock exclusive deals and rock Freedom Rave Wear at your next festival. Be sure to tag us in your photos wearing FRW for a chance to be featured! Let us know your favorite app to help you survive festival season. You can follow me and my festival adventures this summer on Instagram @vibewithade.

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