Halloween 2018 Spooky Playlist

by Loana McCabe-Gould

We're finally a week away from Halloween! I always look forward to Halloween raves, everyone that knows me know that not only I love dressing up, but I also love everything scary and spooky. To get myself in the mood for Halloween, I made this Halloween playlist, which includes 20 songs.

Some songs were chosen because they sounds spooky like The Spook Returns by KSHMR or Where Are You by Excision, while others were chosen because of the Halloween related names like Ghosts N' Stuff by deadmau5, Spooky by Troyboi, or Nightcrawler by ZHU. I noticed a lot of the songs I found that were Halloween related were more dubstep and bass-y, so I tried to sprinkle in some songs from other genres as well. 

One artist I discovered while creating this playlist was Figure. I never officially listed to his music till this week, but a friend who knew I was making this playlist suggested his music to me and I'm obsessed! A lot of his songs are Halloween themed and my personal favorite is Redrum (if you don't get the reference, please read or watch the Shining right NOW). I listened to his Monsters 7 album already, but am hoping to get to his other albums to get me in the mood for Halloween!


I hope this gets you into the spirit of Halloween as it has for me! If you have any suggestions, I'd love to add more to this list. Please feel free to leave a comment below, or send me a dm on my Instagram account, @loanabanana82. I'll be at Freaknight in Seattle, WA this year, so I'll be posting my outfit and updating my Instagram Story throughout the night as well. Hope everyone has a very spooky Halloween!

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