$60 Gift Card Giveaway with USA EDM Family

Gift Card Giveaway with USA EDM Family! (Contest on Hive.co)
- Skylar T

I love freedom rave wear it all looks so cute, it would be so amazing to own some of my own

- Cassidy

Everything on this site is SO original and so cute. Everything fits perfectly and is very flattering.

- Melanie

I love the style of the rave wear! I’m all about wearing unique outfits with awesome prints. I’d love to wear this to Ultra ‘18 ??

- Dylan Autoletic

Love your style!!! Definitely one of my favorite lines of festival clothing! Can’t waitttttt to wear your pieces to EDC ’18 <3

- Naomi

I freaking love your clothing line, especially the fact that it is made in the USA by hand! Pretty funny I just followed usaedmfamily today because I was looking at Countdown NYE pics!:)

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