Beat the Boob Sweat!

To distract us from the inevitable boob sweat, the team at I Support the Girls has been reflecting on cool things. Like ice cream, swimming pools, and social media's power for good. Wait, what?

Guess what: social media is super cool, no matter your follower count. July marks the four-year anniversary of the post that started it all: our founder Dana’s request for bras. THE ORIGINAL POST. The most ultimate of #ThrowbackThursdays. 

Your feed may be a redundancy of cats, 'Stranger Things' memes, and GIFs, but it can also be a force for good. Dana’s *one* post asking friends to look in the back of their drawers for gently used bras and under their bathroom cabinets for sealed menstrual hygiene products has resulted in...

...60 dedicated women around the world collecting and distributing locally in their communities

...750 social service organizations receiving products to keep women, girls, and menstruators healthy, clean, and comfortable.

...4 MILLION products distributed!

Four million in four years. Incredible. In honor of our OP (original post) and this huge accomplishment (that’s a lot of maxi pads!) would you consider donating $15, $60, $750, or $4,000,000? Donate here: http://bit.ly/ISTG4years.

OK, that could be a big ask on a summer day. And if you are unable to donate, please unleash your power on social media and share this post

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Stay cool, and keep sharing!

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