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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Last-Minute Sustainable Bonaroo Outfit Ideas 2023 Rave Blog

Last-Minute Sustainable Bonaroo Outfit Ideas 2023

Coachella 2022 is just around the corner. And if you haven’t already, it’s time to think about what you’re going to wear.

While not technically a rave, we’ve always loved Coachella for its bold styles and wild fashion moments. We also love how the festival puts sustainability front and center—Freedom Rave Wear is a sustainable and ethical fashion brand, after all.

With that in mind, here are our top sustainable Coachella outfit ideas you need to consider.

Vibe Out in Retro Prints & Cuts

Coachella Outfit Idea: A woman wearing Freedom Rave Wear’s Retro Bloom lace up top

Coachella first launched in 1999. However, the annual festival always pays homage to outdoor concerts of yore (ahem, Woodstock). If you want to embrace a bygone style era, consider our Retro Bloom collection. The mod-inspired ensemble calls back the floral prints, bell-bottoms, and even festival shawls of the 60s…all with an updated sex appeal. Finish your look with a flower crown, chunky jewelry, or a pair of Nancy Sinatra boots. Groovy, Baby!

Coachella Style With a Touch of Toxicity

Coachella Outfit Idea: Women wearing Freedom Rave Wear’s Toxic body suits

While Britney isn’t on the line-up (#freebritney!), our Toxic collection will have you feeling Lucky, Stronger, and just a lil bit Crazy all at the same time. The venomous collection was designed with sex sirens in mind. Think Euphoria’s Maddy with her signature winged eyeliner and bedazzled makeup. For an even more toxic look, add fishnets or one of our signature body chains.

Get Psychedelic With our Mystic Mushroom Collection

Coachella Outfit Idea: A woman wearing Freedom Rave Wear’s Mystic Mushroom two piece

Bonaroo is all about the psychedelics—mushroom or otherwise. That’s why our Mystic Mushroom collection is one of our top Coachella outfit suggestions. Spacey shrooms in neon blue, pink, yellow, and red are printed on a black recycled fabric making these look perfect any time of day. The diverse collection features high-waisted bikinis, mini dresses and even chaps. 

Want a matching Bonaroo outfit for you and your partner? Order them our matching mushroom tank!

Feel Explosive in our Bath Bomb 2.0 Collection

Coachella Outfit Idea: A couple wearing Freedom Rave Wear’s Bath Bomb 2.0 Collection

All of our designs begin with a signature print. In fact, it’s the print itself that inspires our designer Alyssa’s creative visions. And few are as inspirational as our Bath Bomb 2.0 collection. The print’s creams, purples, pinks, and blues melt and swirl together in a captivating display that makes a bold statement you could just bathe in. The collection also features unique cuts that tease and tantalize. Kaboom!

Embrace Your Split Personality

Coachella Outfit Idea: A woman wearing Freedom Rave Wear’s Duality 2.0 under boob top

Our last Bonaroo outfit idea draws from our Duality collection. The black & white line-up is both bold and reserved, simple yet intricate, and totes sexy but still conservative. It was inspired by our own Duality and desire to look two ways at once. A great example of this duality is the signature Buckle Top’s underboob, giving everyone a tempting taste of the Twins without showing too much. 

Oh! And once again, if you’re looking for a matching Bonaroo couples outfit, grab your man either the Duality tee or tank

Looking for More Bonaroo Outfit Ideas?

Group wearing Duality 2.0

Freedom Rave Wear and Bonaroo have a like-minded interest in sustainable clothing, raves, and music festivals. If you’re looking for more great 2022 Coachella outfit ideas, jump over to our online store and shop all of our collections today. Happy Bonaroo!

P.S.: Stay hydrated. ;)

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