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Pack your EDM Outfit - Raving Around the World Rave Blog

Pack your EDM Outfit - Raving Around the World

When it comes to EDM and raves, we often tend to be a little American-centric. There are tons of great festivals across the US, true. From Hive Music Festival to Electric Forest to getting together EDC outfits, there are plenty of great places to rock your EDM outfits across the United States. But what about the rest of the globe? Here, we’ll take a brief tour around the globe. If you’re craving some travel and new places to show off your EDM outfits, then read on.

North America

This article could totally be just about all the great music festivals in the United States. Raving has taken off in a big way all across America. This blog could also just be a list of major music festivals and EDM events in the USA, but we’ve already written about that! Suffice it to say, no matter what part of the USA you are in, there’s probably a great music festival not too far away.

However, there’s more to North America than just the USA. Take the Baja Beach Festival down in Mexico. Just over the border from San Diego, it’s a great place to make a hot summer just a little bit hotter. Mexico has a healthy music festival scene that you may not have realized. While Mexico City has plenty of great raves, plenty of fantastic festivals also happen at Tulum, in the jungles of the Yucatan peninsula. Grabbing your EDM outfit and heading here will give you an experience like no other.

Up north in Canada they also know how to throw a great rave, at least in the summer when things warm up! Some of the most innovative EDM artists today can be found in Toronto or Montreal. Or, if you’re feeling more wild, check out the music festivals that happen in the wilder regions of British Columbia, like Bass Coast and Shambhala.


Europe is a place that has no trouble hosting a fantastic rave. Spain instantaneously comes to mind when you think of EDM, particularly places like Ibiza and Barcelona. The warm weather of the Mediterranean is also super comfy to wear the wildest EDM outfits. Heading to Ibiza or the Barcelona Baech Festival is always a great time. 

Britain also has a long history with EDM. If you’re a real connoisseur of electronic dance music, you need to make a pilgrimage out to EDM festivals like Creamfields.

There are other hotspots of EDM music in Europe that you might not have tapped yet. The Netherlands and Belgium know how to go hard (especially in Amsterdam), and some of the most impressive EDM festivals in the world happen in Germany, like Airbeat One. 

If you’re willing to go exploring a bit, you can find some fantastic EDM festivals in the Balkans and beyond. Croatia has Ultra Europe, after all, and Romania’s Untold Festival is an award winner.

South America

When it comes to EDM, South America often gets overshadowed by the big Mexican affairs. Brazil is undoubtedly known for its huge EDM festivals, like the Chemical festival. However, there’s been a sneaky trend of big music festivals branching off South American versions. It’s not uncommon to see EDM outfits in the wild in Argentina and Chile - these two countries are secret hotspots for EDM festivals and worth a look.


If there is a place in the world that’s underrated for raves, it would have to be Asia. Sure, Australia can put on some great music festivals, but it’s a place that’s dwarfed in population by the rest of the continent. Despite being the most populated country on the planet, for example, China’s rave scene is barely existent. 

However, there are some countries that you should check out if you’re ever in the area. In India, the city of Gao is perhaps the Rave King of the Subcontinent with its Sunburn festival. If you’re looking for some smaller raves and dance parties, Singapore and South Korea might be more your style. 


Africa’s rave scene is small and growing, with it being not easy to get a lot of people together and to set up the infrastructure. That said, South Africa has always been an excellent place for EDM festivals and easily dominates the entire continent with its lineup. It has a great mix of festivals in urban areas and the beautiful South African wilderness.

So go check out our shop, pick up your favorite EDM outfit, and book your tickets. There’s a world of raves out there for you to explore!

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