How to Put Together the Ultimate Women’s Rave Outfit

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How to Put Together the Ultimate Women’s Rave Outfit Rave Blog

How to Put Together the Ultimate Women’s Rave Outfit

Putting together truly sexy rave outfits is a real undertaking. Rave costumes aren’t something you can just throw together - not if you’re taking your raving seriously (and who here isn’t a serious raver?). Of course, serious raving should be serious fun as well, and putting together your perfect EDC outfit should be part of the experience, not a chore.

Here we’re going to go through all the major considerations you need to think through before building the ultimate rave outfit, from head to toe. While focusing on rave wear women have made popular, a lot of these tips will be useful for anyone.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about putting together the best rave outfit possible can be found right here, with Freedom Rave Wear!

Don’t Worry!

Okay, first things first - a rave is all about looking good, but you shouldn’t be sweating rave clothing so much that it makes you anxious. Raves are all about having a good time and accepting people as they are. This means that the sexiest rave outfit out there is one that you feel comfortable in. So feel free to just start off with your own booty shorts and a crop top - a great rave outfit is one that you can build up over time. 

The Basics, from Crop Tops to Bikini Bottoms

Truly sexy rave outfits are all about the accessories. However, you need to establish a strong base to start before you accessorize. The first thing to pick is if you’re going to do a one-piece or two-piece assemble.

Yep, you heard that - raves are a great chance to break out the bodysuits. Our women’s rave clothes, for example, include full bodysuits, and those with bikini bottoms. If you prefer to keep your rave-wear two-piece, we have even more options available.

 We have bottoms in a bottomless variety, from high-waisted to rave shorts. We have bikini rave tops to match, along with a classic line of crop tops.  

Shake It Up With Sleeves and Chaps

Getting an amazing pair of high-waisted shorts and a crop top is a great start. But of course, you want your festival outfit to stand out from the crowd. This is why Freedom offers a ton of ways to further mix and match with our sleeves and chaps. Combining these with your tops and bottoms lets you build your outfit in whatever funky configuration you want. Sleeves and chaps are the secret weapons in every rave girl’s closet. And make sure to check out our hosiery as well, another great way to customize your look. 

Get Glittery

Now you have your women’s festival clothing all prepped and ready. You probably still feel like there’s something missing, right? Well, now it’s time to make yourself sparkle with some accessories. Traditional jewelry like earrings is a start, but you’ll want to think outside the box for a rave - how about some body chains to match with your bodysuit? 

And when talking about jewelry, we’d be crazy not to mention Kandi. These outrageous accessories let you strut your stuff with provocative messages. At raves, the swapping of Kandi has become an ingrained part of the culture. With Freedom, every pack of Kandi we sell is one of a kind, including unique phrases just for you - with no doubles. 

And of course, a great way to get glittery is to, literally, get glitter. Sprinkling some glitter over yourself, or carefully applying sparkling makeup, is a way beyond rave clothes women can really shine out at the festival. Also, remember you can always swap out the tops mentioned above for some shiny or sparkly pasties

Mask Up

With COVID a concern at many festivals, face masks have become a key accessory for many race costumes. Many festivals are mandating masks for the foreseeable future - EDC clothes requirements mandate masks, for example.

However, don’t think of this as a restriction. Face masks make a great accessory, adding mystery and mystique to your sexy rave outfits. If you’re building your rave outfit as a Halloween costume, they’re also indispensable. (They’re also great if you’re a bit shy on your first rave, and want to stay incognito on social media).

Get Comfy

By now you’re looking pretty good, and we’re almost done building your outfit! However, this is the time where you’re going to have to get practical after all the fun fashion choices. First things first - your shoes. Your shoes are going to be what finishes off your rave costume. However, you can’t just think about fashion here - you have to consider the fact that you will be on your feet quite possibly all night long.

It’s for this reason that very durable shoes like sneakers and combat boots are the go-to finisher for plenty of sexy rave outfits. It’s up to you what style you like - just make sure they are built to last.

However, it’s not just your feet you need to worry about - take some time to consider your other body parts that might get worn out. Ear-plugs are a must for raves, which will feature loud music constantly blasting.

A lot of raves involve intense light shows as well - so why not cap off your sexy rave outfit with some funky sunglasses or goggles? These are a great way to protect your eyes while adding that final touch of perfection to your rave costume. 

Pack for Success!

Lastly, we can’t have a rave outfit without bringing your pack. Whether a fanny pack or a backpack, having something to carry your important rave supplies is a must. This could be changes of outfits, chargers, hand sanitizers, sunscreen - or just extra glitter or pasties. It always pays to be prepared.

You can also use your pack to bring extra water or snacks, or even get your own hydration pack, letting you rave while staying safely hydrated. Don’t think of your packs as a burden, though. You can get them as color and stylish as you need to match with the rest of your rave costume.

And that’s it, your rave outfit is complete! If this is all a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. Take the time to browse our shop and you’ll see tons of great examples of rave outfits. Then its up to you to add your own spin to these ideas! 

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