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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

Members Only Black Friday Sale

Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Masking Up to Get Your Raving On Rave Blog

Masking Up to Get Your Raving On

Wearing a face mask at raves has gone from a fashion statement to a matter of safety. However, you shouldn’t feel constrained by having to go masked. You can easily make it fashionable and part of your outfit - an intentional style choice rather than a mask mandate. Freedom Rave Wear has a whole section dedicated to face masks in our “accessories”. This blog will be your quick intro to mask accessorizing with EDM outfits. 

Why the Mask?

There are a few reasons to rock the mask as part of your EDM outfit. The most obvious these days is of course because of safety relating to COVID. A lot of festivals are going to recommend that you get masked up - masks are requested to be part of your EDC outfits, for example. However, this current trend is masking (pun very much intended) an older tradition of mask-wearing at raves.

Masks have been part of partying since the very first Venetian Carnivals and Masquerades. These masks were associated with the massive parties that occurred right before Lent, the period when Catholics would give up on some of their favorite things for forty days. So masks and partying have been going together like chocolate and peanut butter since forever. But why?


Partially it’s just that they look great. Whether a full mask as part of a sick Halloween rave costume or a simple bandana that color coordinates with the rest of your rave outfit, your face is just another place to show off your style. Masks being a bit of an outlandish or unusual fashion accessory makes them an even more important part of festival fashion - they make a great offbeat companion to other outrageous rave gear. 


There are other benefits to masking up. Firstly is the power of going incognito. Many ravers are happy to live the rave life 24/7. For others, their rave self is something of an alter-ego - and their rave girl alter-ego is one they want to keep to the festival. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want your boss to be able to ID you in booty shorts and pasties, a mask is a great way to become a rave superhero, secret identity and all.


And then there’s just plain safety - and safety is the most important part of any rave. Keeping out contagious diseases from the other ravers is a plus. However, outdoor raves often involve a lot of dust and dirt getting kicked up into the air by all the intense dancing. A mask can help keep your mouth and lungs clear of this debris, letting you focus on what’s important - having a great time! 


Getting Masks With Freedom

Looking to add to your rave clothing collection with some sweet mask accessories? Need a mask to finish off a great rave Halloween costume? Or just searching for the perfect color of mask to match your festival outfits for this year? Then look no further!

Freedom Rave Wear has a great selection of masks to be found under our accessories. These aren’t your average COVID masks - they come in a variety of bold and trippy patterns and colors, and are sure to leave a big impression, making sure you’re covered on the style front.

With double laying, they’re great as far as safety goes as well. Not only that, but they contain an antimicrobial liner that inhibits the growth of odor and infection-causing bacteria. With adjustable ear loops and three size options, they’re comfy as heck as well. Plus - totally machine washable! 

And while you’re getting your swanky new mask,  make sure to check out the rest of our accessories as well! From pasties to earrings, we have every accoutrement you need to add that extra sparkle to your festival clothing.
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