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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

Members Only Black Friday Sale

Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Freedom from Fast Fashion Rave Blog

Freedom from Fast Fashion

At FRW, we’re proud of our sustainable rave clothing. Keeping sustainable is one of our key pillars. We want to help all members of our Freedom family rave hard without hurting the planet. However, you might be wondering how much damage clothing can really do to the environment - and what Freedom does differently. 

The Dangers of Fast Fashion

The fashion industry today uses a lot more synthetic fabrics than it did historically, meaning that any fashion business has the potential to be an environmental risk if they aren’t careful. However, the trend of fast fashion has accelerated the damage that the fashion industry does to the environment to a frightening level. 

“Fast Fashion” refers to the methods by which major clothing distributors are able to get new designs out to consumers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many online retailers only sped up the fast fashion process, with new designs being churned out a week at a time and sold for cheap.

All this convenience comes with a cost, however. The fashion industry is estimated to be responsible for 4% of all greenhouse emissions. Being able to quickly make new designs involves a lot of water waste, as well as the use of toxic materials. 

The worst part? Fast Fashion is designed to drive customers into a consumer frenzy, always replacing their clothes and throwing out the old. And these clothes are very rarely biodegradable. Fast Fashion is an environmentally sustainable process, from the moment the clothes are created to the moment they are tossed out. 

Freedom Does It Different 

At Freedom Rave Wear, we’re dedicated to getting you cute rave outfits without making you complicit in hurting the planet we all share. Raves are all about community, and we believe you should be able to put together hassle-free simple rave outfits without harming the global community. How do we do this? Glad you asked! Here are the top ways that Freedom makes rave attire with the environment in mind. 

#1 Recycling

How do you cut down on the amount of waste when making rave gear and festival outfits? Easy - you use recycled material! At Freedom, we believe in saving as much as possible. That’s why 80% of our products, from tank tops to booty shorts, are made with recycled materials. 

#2 Laser Precision

Lasers aren’t just for light shows anymore. Welcome to the future of festival fashion. At Freedom, we’ve developed laser cutting technology that means that every cut piece fits exactly the same. That means fewer scraps of fabric being tossed out, which makes for less waste.

#3 Local Production

The Fast Fashion landscape is dominated by global businesses that generate a ton of pollution just by having to ship materials and fabrics around the globe. At Freedom, we believe in keeping it local. We do everything inside our micro-factory, cutting down on total emissions

#4 OEKO Certified Inks

Freedom is all about making festival clothing that’s stylish and fun - being toxic isn’t on our list. This is why we only make our great rave fashion pieces with OEKO Certified inks, which are water-based and non-toxic.

#5 Carbon Offset

Taking measures to reduce our environmental impact is one thing. But at Freedom, you’re part of our rave family as well. And that means we want to give you the power to reduce your footprint from shopping as you see fit. This means we offer carbon emission offsets every time you check out! This way you can feel even better about getting that amazing bikini top, assured that you’re balancing out your purchase. 

So feel free to browse our shop for the newest arrivals, confident that you are shopping fast-fashion free!
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