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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

Members Only Black Friday Sale

Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Circular Rave Wear is LIVE!

EDC Countdown: What You Need to Know! Rave Blog

EDC Countdown: What You Need to Know!


Yes, we have officially begun the countdown to the biggest EDM festival in the world.

*screams internally*
*says screw it and screams externally as well*

It’s been bananas at FRW. Mostly because we’re stoked off our asses, but also because we have about 293847932 things to square away before the FRW Funwagon*  journeys into the armpit of the desert.

*it’s not actually called the Funwagon, but Mike shockingly hasn’t named his RV yet??? 

To give you an idea what our EDC prep looks like, here is video is performed at ACTUAL SPEED.


So as you can see, it’s been a little manic, but magic! We’ve gotten to shoot and work with some amazing people and couldn’t be more grateful.

Hopefully, you’ve all procured your EDC outfits by now. If not, I have a few suggestions:

Acid Sky Rave Bralette + Acid Sky Brazilian Rave Bottoms + Night Rider Kimono

Heavenly Oh My Bod Rave Bodysuit + Dream Land Sequin Kimono


Tequila Sunrise Oh My Bod Rave Bodysuit + Snow Flurry Sequin Kimono


If you haven’t ordered from us yet, I should warn you, we ship at LIGHTNING SPEED.



That’s you. Getting smacked in the face with your superfast FRW order.

To make sure you get your outfit on time, we’ve put together a helpful little graphic. If you are a superprocrastinor (you know who you are), you can always visit our booth at EDC and we would be happy to dress you to the nines!




Although your outfit is muy importante, there are a few other things you should get prepared for if you’re planning on meeting us at EDC. If you’re an EDC virgin and not sure what those things are, fortunately the FRW community is made up of some awesome EDC veterans who are full of infinite PLUR and wisdom (PLURW?).


@shayaeve says:

“First off, water!! Everyone needs a camelbak! Make sure to bring stuff like wet wipes, chapstick, hand sanitizer, etc. Pic 3 must see artists each night and don’t spend all night at one stage. Get there early and stay til the sun come up! There’s so much to see, make sure to adventure Hit the mercy booth the first night. Make sure to go to Wasteland and Basspod. And most of all, have fun!"


@noartjustapoptart says:

“I know insulated water bottles like hydroflasks and corkcicles sound wonderful to bring for ice cold water but don’t do it, security will throw them away or tell u to put them in ur car cuz they only allow insomniac bottles in. Kinda lame but it’s a regular insomniac rule. They do however sell their water bottles there or online and have water refill stations.”

@koalakauf says:

“Okay my silly little edc hack and tip. Buy 3 packs of gum. Three unopened chapstick and 3 things of tissue. Cause you gotta bring in sealed things every day and the little tissue packs are a must when the porta potties run out of toilet paper which they 100% will! Also bringing in an empty water bottle or buying the 10 dollar insomniac bottle is a way better option than buying 6 dollar Dasani every time you get thirsty.” 


So….hydration is a priority. Got it?

 (I recommend buying an Insomniac bottle NOW so you can label it with your name beforehand. There are going to be a lot of identical bottles and you don’t want to get mixed up and get someone else’s mouth disease!) 

For a list of acceptable and prohibited items, please review the Insomniac guidelines RELIGIOUSLY.

 WE ARE SO EXCITED! Please come visit our booth at Vendor Village to shop, hang out, and chat with us. Our goal is to meet as many of you as possible so we can make memories and festie besties 4 LYFE.


PLUR 4ever,


The FRW Team

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