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Electric Forest 2022: Get Hyped! Rave Blog

Electric Forest 2022: Get Hyped!

Spring has sprung! The flowers are blooming and our allergies are bumpin’. Of course, spring just means summer is around the corner. And summer means that it’s time to have a blast at tons of great music festivals Queens and Kings! We’d love to tell the newbies among you about all of the upcoming events and we’ll do our best to keep ya’ll in the fold. Today we’re just going to highlight one - the incomparable Electric Forest. We’ll cover what EF is and how you can prepare for it. So get ready for a psychedelic summer of fun!

What is Electric Forest?

Electric Forest is a 4 day music festival held in Rothbury, Michigan. It’s particularly well known for showcasing electric music and jam bands. Previous big acts to hit EF include such eclectic choices as Porter Robinson, T-Pain, and String Cheese Incident. 2022 is a big year for EF since it’s finally making a comeback after being put on hiatus for a couple years due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

What Makes Electric Forest So Special?

Well, firstly, the name isn’t just to sound cool. EF literally takes place in the Michigan forest, giving it a gorgeous fairy-tale vibe that is hard to find at a music festival anywhere else. The experience is just as much about the camping as it is about the music - and of course, the music is always to die for. 

Nature and music are just two parts of what makes EF so unique. The festival is also noted for its fantastic art installations, mixing crazy creations with impressive light shows. If you’ve ever walked under a canopy of umbrellas hanging overhead, you know what we’re talking about.

Community is also a key reason people keep grabbing their festival clothing and heading back to Electric Forest. There’s a reason that staff and longtime attendees are lovingly referred to as the “Forest Family.” Even amid COVID, the Forest Family kept in touch and provided support and fun. If you want a music festival where you’ll make tons of new friends and real connections, then Electric Forest is the place to go.

Preparing for Electric Forest

It’s important to always remember that the enchanted forest you’re heading to is, well, a forest. No glamping here sweetie. When getting ready for EF, make sure you’re prepared for a weekend out in the woods.  

This means that you or one of your friends will have to bring your own tent, plus any chairs, hammocks, blankets, and pillows you’ll need to stay comfortable. It’s also essential that you get your own trash bags and ways to clean up after yourself babes - no one likes a meanie to the enviornment. 

Don’t forget all the essentials as well. You’ll want your toilet paper, other toiletries, anything you need for your hair, any medication, and, of course, sunscreen. Make sure that you bring ways to store water and bring loads of it. Food is available, but getting tons of healthy snacks is also a great idea.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you bring your rave clothes! Since Electric Forest takes place in the middle of the summer, you can wear most of your favorite rave outfits with no problem. Bodysuits, booty shorts, crop tops - now is the time to bust out your complete festival outfit. We also recommend you bring a swimsuit for using the showers. While it will be hot during the day, it can get chilly during the night, so some alternative longer options for campfire time are a great idea. Of course, no matter what you bring, you’ll want to match the psychedelic styling of the festival. So make sure to visit our store to check out our most mystical patterns - and we’ll see you in the forest! 

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